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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Can I be honest with y'all? I'm a creeper. I love looking at what people wear, how they decorate their homes, etc. I can't tell you how often I drive by my favorite houses in our neighborhood and think to myself "hmm.. I wonder how they've decorated and if they would let me come peek!" Anyone else with me?

My dear friend Tiffany sells Matilda Jane Clothing, and when I attended my first party in February of this year I went 100% for support. I knew it was a girls clothing brand so I had no reason to shop. But I was VERY wrong. MJ has women's clothes, and over the past year has become one of my most trusted brands. All of the items are great quality, very soft, and many have an Anthropologie feel for a smaller price tag.

What does that have to do with stalking? I'm hosting a Matilda Jane party tonight at home for local friends, but thought I would open it up online for y'all! The Joanna Gaines collaboration released today and is likely to sell out, so if you want anything.. here are your directions:

And put down Victoria as your "Jane" so that I can send you a thank you for joining in! 

Back to stalking.. Tiffany has access to a group where people post photos of themselves and their children in their favorite MJ looks. It's a MAJOR rabbit trail. I love seeing how REAL people style clothes. Not fancy fashion bloggers, not print ad people.. I like seeing real ladies and how they dress. So here are my favorite stalker pics (which I'm allowed to share, by the way, haha!) 

This dress is by far my favorite for little girls. It comes with a removable apron. WHY does it not come in my size?! Someone please by this for your little girl so I can live vicariously through you!

I love this dress so much... it's on my wishlist!

How cute is this green dress with boots? 

This is by far my creepiest creep pic that I saved. I have and LOVE this dress, but now I'm convinced that I need the cardigan to match. 

I adore these mother daughter aprons.. I kind of want the mama one just for me! I also have the dress that she's wearing in another colorway. If you order, size up on the dress!

This top is by far the piece I'm most excited about from the Joanna collection. It can't arrive at my house soon enough! So cute with jeans and booties! I didn't save a photo of it, but I also have my eye on this comfy tee

I love this outfit for little girls!

This lady is wearing a tween dress in size 16.. and she has me convinced to try. So maybe there is a clementine print dress in my future! 

Other items I have and love: 
My Easter dress from the spring (worn while pregnant!)

Check out the Matilda Jane website and let me know which items are your favorites! :) If you order anything, follow the instructions I left above and it's super easy! Happy Shopping!


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