Polly's Baby Shower Theme

Monday, November 7, 2016

One of my best friends is expecting her second baby in March, yay!! We started planning a shower the second we found out she was pregnant, and last month finding out that the baby is a BOY really kicked planning into high gear. The shower is right after Christmas so there's a lot to do before the holidays take over in full force. We've got several wonderful girls behind this shower.. but one idea I had I completely stole from Emily! For Lisa's shower, she chose a few themes and let her choose one. I thought this was a really fun way to get the guest of honor involved in one of the most fun parts of planning. I really like doing themes, I think it makes the details extra special!

Polly and her husband Tyler went to Baylor, so I thought a "Mama Bear" theme was a subtle way to nod to that. A little spin on the rustic baby boy shower theme.

Several of these images are from my favorite publication, Southern Weddings!
Option two: Texas Forever. Small football details and a classy honoring of our home state and of course, the wonderful series of Friday Night Lights.

What do y'all think Polly chose? :) 


  1. I really like the rustic/woodland themed one....especially for a winter shower!

  2. oh goodness, both are adorable...but being from Texas originally myself, I love the little "Texas" touches that could make some really sweet additions to a baby's room or their home in general

  3. oh goodness, both are adorable, but being originally from Texas myself I love the Texas theme & the little Texas touches that could be a really sweet addition to a baby's room or their home

  4. Both are cute, I hope she chose Mama Bear!

  5. Texas forever! Ah what a sweet theme! :)

  6. I love both of those SO much, especially the rustic theme. All of your baby posts give me serious baby fever!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  7. So fun! While I love the Texas theme, the Mama Bear one just seems too perfect with their Baylor connection! :)

  8. Although I do love Texas, I think it's more fitting for an engagement or couples shower, or even little boys birthday party theme when he's a bit older (6+!) but I love the mama bear woodland rustic theme, especially for a winter shower! Such seeet friends to host a special event for the family! Also, what about those Aggies?! sorry had to!


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