2016 in Review (Part Two)

Friday, December 30, 2016

Today I'm skipping my usual Friday post to finish recapping 2016. If you haven't read my recap of the first half of the year, check that out here. In that post, I also shared a reader survey to get me ready for blogging in 2017. The amount of encouraging responses has already blown me away. Y'all are awesome! I think I'll actually share some of the response with y'all next week, so stay tuned. :)  If you haven't already filled out the survey, I'll probably close it off on Monday, so I'd still really appreciate your feedback!

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We celebrated July 4, which is now especially meaningful for us after the loss of our first baby on that same weekend in 2015. There will always be a hole in our hearts for that loss, and we were squeezing Beau extra tight on that day. This little smocked patriotic jon jon will always mean so much to me.

Our sweet niece turned two and we celebrated with a farm party. We love her so much! 

Just had to throw this photo in because of the sweet face of my tiny baby! Time goes so quick! 

Summer with Ben home was just so awesome. We loved getting to settle into being parents together.

This photo being included is really for no one but me. I have lots like this on my phone and just never want to forget the sweetness of snuggling my precious boy! 

We got to live out a big dream of ours and continue traveling after parenthood. Beau's first stop was beautiful Switzerland, honestly the most enjoyable place we've ever visited. (part one + part two)

Next stop was Lake Como

And then Milan

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We then flew to England and spent a few much needed days with family in Brighton

And then we spent a week exploring beautiful London, a city that feels like our home away from home! (part one + part two)

We also managed a quick day trip to Paris, something I'm so glad we did, even though it was exhausting 

When we got back, someone needed a haircut. Not mentioning any names. :) 

The week that we got back from our wonderful 17 days abroad, we decided to sell our house, and bought a new one. It began a whirlwind of packing and counting down the days until moving into our new home.

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September was all about preparing to move. Measuring things in our new house, packing, shopping for new furniture. 

I loved looking back on how much life had changed over the summer. 

And finally it was moving day! We, of course, celebrated with cookie cake! 

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At the beginning of October one of my mama dreams came true, and my little pumpkin got to visit the patch

Beau also started eating solid foods! 

We took another pumpkin patch trip and grabbed this family photo.

I went on a quick day trip to Waco to get this sign at Magnolia Market, it was such a great day! I've said this before, but each time I visit Magnolia, the experience is more wonderful. 

We watched lots of college football,

And loved celebrating Halloween with our boy! 

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Another sweet part of Halloween was getting to host the Coles, and meet sweet baby Campbell. 

Right after they left to reunite with family in Mississippi, we hosted Beau's baby dedication with our home group and family. 

I also figured that since it was November, Beau could start to enjoy some Christmas jammies. :) 

We took a quick trip to New York with our siblings, leaving Beau for the first time overnight. Not trying to do that again anytime soon. ;) 

We hosted our fourth Thanksgiving, and enjoyed celebrating with Beau for the first time! 

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December was full of lots of fun Christmas adventures. 

We had one really fun Christmas celebration with our close friends. It involved matching jammies and taking Beau to see Santa. 

He had this out of character moment and gave us a priceless first Santa photo! 

We celebrated the engagement of Sarah and Dillon, yippee!! 

And my close friend Meredith came to visit for a few days, like a breath of fresh air. Time with good friends is just the best thing! 

We had the sweetest Christmas ever with our precious boy! 

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Thank y'all for being such a sweet part of my 2016. I truly love blogging so much, connecting with y'all is one of the best parts of my days! I hope you're enjoying a sweet New Year's weekend and I look forward to a next year of chatting with y'all!


  1. SUCH a breath of fresh air to have a reunion with you, my friend! Take me back!!! :) Loved both of your recap posts... what an incredible year for y'all!

  2. You guys had such an incredible year! I still swoon over all of your Sweden pictures. I hope 2017 is another blessed year for you all!

  3. Love this post!! Yearly recaps are my fave -- I posted mine today, too.

  4. I love the yearly recaps :) You had a blessed year for sure! Happy New Year :)


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