2016 in Review (part one) & A Survey

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

As I think through 2016, it's impossible to not immediately label it with a marker. 2016 was the year we became parents. There were so many other highs and lows this year, but the highlight of it all was little Beau William. My life changed in every way the moment we met him, and I'm so grateful. There's no doubt that this year hasn't been perfect, but I've loved every minute with my boys.

This photo is actually from New Years Eve, but we started off the year by learning that we were welcoming a sweet baby BOY to our family. Beginning the year with our gender sonogram was so, so much fun. We then kept the secret for two days before our reveal! 

Hosting the party was such a fun way to celebrate the involvement of our family and friends in our pregnancy. We loved it! 

Throughout the Spring, many of our evenings looked like this. Getting the nursery ready for our baby boy! 

Favorite Posts of January: 
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February began with a road trip to Austin for IF: Gathering. 

I turned 25 and we celebrated Valentine's Day in the same week, with dinner at a favorite Dallas spot.

We took a quick weekend trip to Nashville to visit sweet friends.

and I had my hometown baby shower! Celebrating and anticipating Beau's arrival was a theme of the Spring. There was originally a banner with his name on it in this photo but we took it down so that his name would remain a social media secret, haha! 

Favorite Posts of February: 
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Another sweet baby shower thrown by three of my closest friends! 

I went to a book signing and met one of my favorite bloggers, Shay Shull! She's one of many mamas who gave me courage to tackle international travel with a new baby.

I took one last girls trip before Beau was born, to Waco with my best friends, to tour all the Fixer Upper houses!

Favorite Posts of March: 
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One of the best things that I did at the end of my pregnancy was challenge myself to get active for 20 minutes each day. It's so funny to look at this photo because my ankles are so swollen! I told Ben recently that my goal for a second pregnancy is to get active 20 minutes of EVERY day. I think that because I'll be taking care of Beau anyway, it's not like I'll be able to just lounge around. We'll see! 

We took our maternity photos with the amazing Dyan Kethely! I'm so grateful that we have these photos to look back on my pregnancy. 

Favorite Posts of April: 
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We had a scary few weeks involving Beau's health (all detailed in the NICU story below) but we were so grateful to learn that we would be meeting our son so soon!

May 11, 2016.. the best day of my life so far. 

That day was quickly followed by the hardest few weeks of my life, and we rejoiced when we finally got to bring our boy home!

Annnnnddd that very next day he had his much needed first haircut! Haha! 

The haircut was just in time for Newborn photos. The one love is my favorite of the whole session, and I have many favorites! 

Favorite Posts of May: 
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We took Beau to church for the first time, a really sweet memory! 

We spent this month really just settling into becoming parents. I remember so fondly this season of all the feedings and snuggles with Beau and Ben at home for the summer. Looking back, I really don't feel like Beau's arrival slowed us down.. it was still a busy month! 

Ben got to celebrate his first Father's Day, and I gave him a little gift for our upcoming trip to Switzerland.

Beau attended his first baseball game, shielded from the Texas heat, thankfully!

We were loving, and still do love, life as a family of three. This photo was one of the first times that it really hit me.. this was my little family! 

We ended the first half of the year with Beau's first vacation, to the Texas Hill Country! 

Favorite Posts of June: 
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Stay tuned for part two! :) I would LOVE if you could take a moment and take this really quick survey for me. I've got some big dreams for this blog in 2017 and I'd love for you to help me make it better. Thank you so much in advance!

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  1. It looks like 2016 has been a truly joy-filled year as you welcomed precious Beau William into your family! :)

  2. I think your survey link might be missing! I love your blog and would love to fill out your survey!

  3. And a favorite for 2017: a trip for me to TX and a trip for you to AL!!!!

  4. I have loved following along with your sweet family over the past year. Hope 2017 is just as great for you!

  5. 2016 has truly been a beautiful year for your family! Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017 to your family :)

  6. 2016 was good to you! So many beautiful memories! I have to say, my favorites were reading along with your pregnancy and updates since you've had Beau :) Looking forward to seeing what 2017 holds for you and your family! Blessings on your new year!!

  7. I seriously say this every time but I just can't get over how sweet little Beau is - and all that hair is just so stinkin' cute! 2016 looks like it was a great year for you!!

  8. What a beautiful year, friend!!

  9. 2016 was a beautiful year for you and your family! I hope 2017 is just as amazing. Happy New Year! :)

    Amy @


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