2016 Blog Survey Results + Reflection

Thursday, January 5, 2017

First, a word of thanks. Y'all BLEW ME AWAY with your survey responses. I'm so grateful that each of you would take the time to give me some feedback. I can't tell you how encouraged I feel, headed into a new year of blogging. I learned a ton from doing this survey, and am excited to share with y'all the findings & my thoughts. The biggest thing I kept thinking was that I wished I could respond to each person individually. Some of y'all shared small details about yourselves in the responses and it made me REALLY want to be able to learn more about y'all. Stay tuned for more about that at the end of this post. :)

photo by Meredith Teasley 
What do y'all want to see MORE of? 

In short, EVERYTHING. More content in general was highly requested. The thing that blew me away is that by far the most requested thing was more personal life recaps. Each time I share what we did over a holiday or weekend I assume that the post will serve only as a memory marker for me. I'm so glad that y'all enjoy seeing what we're up to and I'll try to mix some more of that into the blog. The next highest scoring category was interior design. I seriously owe y'all some new house updates and now that I'm starting to really feel settled here, I'm planning on starting to share. First space up is our living room. I'm waiting on a few prints for frames to arrive and will photograph it and post as soon as that happens. Originally when I started this blog, a huge focus was interior design and I'm excited to bring that back.

A few people also specifically asked for more marriage content, and to hear more about our story. That's now officially on the calendar, as I've wanted to write out our love story since it happened. Stay tuned for some cheesy cheese. :)

What do y'all want to see LESS of? 

I'll be honest, I take things personally. So I was ready to read the responses to this question and try to have thicker skin than I usually do.. but y'all were great. Almost exactly half of the survey respondents skipped this question. And 15% manually typed in a form of saying you're enjoying it all. I'm so grateful for that, and the other responses to this question taught me something important.. I can't please everyone. When a high percentage of people are asking for more of something, and 4 or 5 people leave me wondering if I should do less of it... well, I didn't know how to actually apply that. The categories that a few people wanted less of were motherhood, food/fitness, and travel. I honestly anticipated some people wanting less motherhood content, specifically because it's new and came in full force, because my whole life is pretty much consumed with this new season. To this I will say, if you aren't a mama, I understand that it isn't interesting to read of the first time Beau ate avocado. Totally get that. :) So I'll be trying to space out these posts better in the future, while still sharing them, because for every 1 person that wanted less, 7 or 8 wanted more. But I'll space better, and I'd love for you to keep in mind that a lot of these things I'm sharing simply for my own records, specifically monthly updates. Gotta have those for baby book reference. The one that tripped me up was personal style. Anyone who mentioned it either LOVES it (majority) but the other few who mentioned it would like less. I've really enjoyed challenging myself to share more style, something I enjoy reading about, so I'm going to stick with the majority, but not make it every post.  Thank y'all so much for sharing your thoughts with me, and for understanding my decisions in guiding the content of this blog. I want what you read on the blog to be similar to what you'd get in a real life conversation with me. The topics I write on are the same things I'm sharing with my friends. I really want it to come across that way, and for y'all to know that YOU are my friend, too!

Ps. My favorite response to this was someone asking "more Beau on INSTA!!!" I laughed out loud and loved that you love seeing my boy! :)

What do you like about my blog? Constructive criticism? 

The positive feedback that was mentioned multiple times:
Y'all are the SWEETEST! 

  • honest
  • consistency of voice 
  • photos 
  • layout 
  • positive
  • Beau :) 
  • genuine 
  • original content, not piggybacking off of others 
I LOVE that y'all feel like you can trust me in reading this blog. I love that y'all feel like you know what to expect out of me, and feel like I'm real with y'all. Real life friends often say that reading my blog they can almost hear me talking because it's so similar, and that's something I truly strive for. I want y'all to feel like this blog is written with integrity. 

Some Suggestions: 
  • better consistency in posting (everyone that mentioned this also mentioned that they understand why I wouldn't be able to post more often.. you kind people!) 
  • alluding to things and not following up 
  • some typos and grammar/spelling errors
  • would like to hear more about the hard parts of my life 
Some disclosure, maybe about four people mentioned consistency, and the other things were just mentioned by individuals. Thank you to the sweet, brave people who gently gave me negative feedback! I fully understand that doing so is a hard thing!! Even though only mentioned by individuals, I think those things mentioned might represent the thoughts and feelings of others, which is why I want to address them here. 

I am fully committed to posting more in the new year. I actually have a post for Monday- Friday planned for January and February already. Some of y'all may be like "pump the brakes girl, that's too much!!!" but I enjoy blogging and figure, if y'all want to read it, I can write it as much as I can. Y'all often mentioned and understand that consistency in posting is hard for me as a new mama, but I'm really hoping to settle into a consistent schedule. It's funny, when Beau was first born I posted a TON because I was often feeding him or pumping and did so at the computer, writing. I remember that so fondly! Honestly, alluding to things kind of goes with this. Many times I planned to share more about something, and then chose time with my family over writing. I know y'all understand this. :) One specific thing I've gotten emails about and answered in the emails was when I shared that we bought a house right before Beau was born. We reached a goal of saving for an investment property, and ultimately decided we didn't want to use my blog as a tool to find renters, so I kept it quiet after initially sharing. We love our current renters and are so grateful for how this has played out. 

Ahhh, typos. I'm not pulling out the MLA handbook nor am I proofreading extensively. My posts are written during nap times or in snippets while life is happening, so I'd love for them to be held to a better grammatical standard, but I just don't feel like it's going to happen at this stage of the game. I promise I'm trying my best here!! Haha! :) 

This last thing kind of stumped me. So many people mentioned loving that I share a well rounded look at my life, and then a few mentioned feeling like I don't share the hard stuff. Here's the thing, I do want to share with y'all when challenges are happening, in hopes that others can learn along with me, but some things are just not socially appropriate for me to put on the blog. I know y'all understand this and I'll continue to strive for a good balance here in 2017. One thing I've gotten a lot of feedback on is people wanting to hear more about the struggles I've encountered as a new mama... so that'll be something you hear about soon. I really did take all of your post suggestions to heart, so never hesitate to shoot me an email if you'd like me to write on something. 

How long have you been reading? How did you find me? What other blogs do you read? 

I don't know if mainly long term readers filled out the survey or what, but so many of y'all have been reading with me for several years. It's humbling and I'm grateful for each and every one of y'all making my blogging dreams come true. In elementary school I brought a cardboard box computer I made to career day to share that I wanted to be a writer. This is sort of different, but is such a great creative outlet for me. 

Many of you found me through various social media channels, some of my blog friends, or through my favorite publication, Southern Weddings. 

The other blogs y'all read that were mentioned consistently: 
This was fun because several of these ladies are sweet friends! I'm in good company.
  • Mix and Match Mama 
  • Momfessionals 
  • Em for Marvelous 
  • Something Pretty 
  • Nicole Cole 
  • Nancy Ray 
  • Smidge of This (formerly A.Liz Adventures)
  • Emily Ley 
  • Sarah Tucker 
And a huge shoutout to the one respondent who only reads my blog!!! HI!!! :) 

So moving forward, what can y'all expect? More content. A variety of content. Honesty from me. I will never fabricate anything for the sake of this blog. You have my word on that. Thank y'all so much for your consistent support. I'm constantly blown away by the encouragement I receive from y'all. I'd love it if you'd keep sharing posts with your friends when you enjoy them, and commenting! I LOVE reading your comments. I'm trying to get better about responding to most of them but even when I don't they mean so, so much to me.

If you'd like to share, I'd love to hear from you in a comment: 

Your name 
A few things about yourself 
Your location 

I've done this before and it was my favorite thing ever! Thanks in advance! XO 


  1. Hi Victoria!

    My name's Marisa, and I'm a rogue follower who lives in Tanzania! I found your blog through Southern Weddings (LOVE Texas Forever!) and Lisa's blog, and fell in love with pictures from your European vacation with your darling son (his gorgeous hair makes my heart swell -- I was a bald baby so I may also be a tad jealous)!

    About me -- I work in agriculture serving small farmers with my husband at the same NGO, and we live here with our pup Bruce Wayne. We were married in September, so we're just starting this chapter of our life journey together. I we love to travel, and we're blessed with a lot of time to take vacation! I also love to read and cook and leisurely hike (walk) whenever I can steal a chance,, and try to blog a couple times a week too.

    Thanks for posting so much (and early!) -- it's always a welcome break around 2pm my time to see a new blog come through to read to break up my work afternoon!

  2. You are the sweetest. I seriously get so excited every time you post on here or on Instagram!! I'm Hilary. New mama, too. My due date was Beau's birthday, but Bobby decided to come 3 weeks early. I'm love being a mom, reading blogs, running, renovating our 1920's house and spending time with my family. I live in Newport News, Virginia where I moved once my husband and I got married after graduating from Virginia Tech. Thanks for sharing your life here :)

  3. Your transparency in your blogging process is so helpful as I gain momentum with my own! :)

    My name is Kyla and I have lived in Southern NH since birth, but I have such a heart for the culture and way of life found in the South. I have been blogging here and there for three years this week, am also an MTH alum, and am getting married on June 10th (YAY!). :)

  4. Hi everyone, I'm Anne, currently 39+6 weeks pregnant and so ready to have this child. I live in Germany.

  5. Hello! My name is Natalie. I got married this summer, have a job in "corporate America", share your obsession with all things Kate Middleton and traveling, love running and constantly tell people that, yes, Maryland is a southern state. I live in Baltimore, MD. :)

  6. Hi, I'm Kelli. I rarely, if ever, comment on blogs. I'd rather fly under the radar and be unseen on the internet. But, I've really enjoyed reading your blog, so I'm stepping out of my shell. I'm a newish reader here (since summer 2015). I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario with my husband, but we're originally from South Carolina.

  7. Hi! I'm Bridget -- we went to college together :). I live in Boulder, CO. I LOVE your photography on here. I blog myself (, and I always wonder what you do to get such gorgeous photos all the time! Very impressive and fun to see as a reader. I absolutely love your home project posts, as I am closing on a house next Friday. Your style is really clean and cute and I like it. I personally like your fitness updates (but maybe that's because I'm big on running/health/fitness). I also love your mommy posts. Even though I'm not a mom myself, I want to be one soon (we're currently trying. shhhhh.)

  8. Hi Victoria, I'm Rachel and I live just south of Fort Worth. We have a friend in common, Maxcey, who I went to middle and high school with. Recently I've been really into organizing and decluttering (exciting, I know), but I also love to read, cook, and kayak. I'm an Industrial Engineer and my husband works in Finance. We just got married last May. I'm looking forward to reading your future posts, thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Victoria, I'm Rachel and I live just south of Fort Worth. We have a friend in common, Maxcey, who I went to middle and high school with. Recently I've been really into organizing and decluttering (exciting, I know), but I also love to read, cook, and kayak. I'm an Industrial Engineer and my husband works in Finance. We just got married last May. I'm looking forward to reading your future posts, thanks for sharing!

  10. Hello! My name is Ashleigh. I have lived in Waco, TX for almost four years since graduating from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. I am a labor and delivery nurse at a local hospital and LOVE it. It is never boring. I am currently in grad school to become a family nurse practitioner with a focus on endocrinology, specifically diabetes management. I share your love for all things southern, neutrals, and Kate Middleton. Your blog inspires me in many areas of my life. Thank you for sharing your highs and lows with the world.

  11. I love your blogging, Victoria! I also love how you addressed everything from your survey-it can be so hard to take negative feedback (even though there isn't much for you because you are just the sweetest) and then talk about how you are going to use it. We are at very similar stages, and so honestly I enjoy just about everything you post. Looking forward to seeing more from you in the new year!

  12. Sweet Victoria. It's Chelseea (and Caleb, he's sitting right next to me). So much has changed in the past year. The church we moved here to plant shut down. We moved into a big house to share with friends and our team has moved away in the past months. But I have ready every single one of your blogs. It's liking having a bit of home right here. Know that what your doing is a comfort and inspiration to me, and I know Caleb appreciates that too. So thankful for you taking time to write your life because it's worth recording and I love learning from it. I love every single thing you post and am THRILLED and honored you'll be posting more. You're a class act and we both still love ya!

  13. This was such a great read and I LOVED the questions you asked your readers. I debated doing a survey because I was so worried nobody would even participate. Ha! You've given me faith -- maybe I'll add that to the list for later this month. xo

  14. Hey Victoria! I'm Alexandra (*waves*) I've been reading for about a year now. I am a single 20-something librarian living in MD. Working as a librarian to high school students is anything but dull. Normal questions range from "where is the bathroom?" to "how do I research the role of women in ancient greece?" I am a total Anglophile, which is probably what first drew me to your blog! I spent a year studying abroad at the University of Exeter and have been trying to find a way back ever since!

  15. This was an awesome post! Thanks for sharing! A little about myself, I currently live in Lexington, KY. even though I am originally from the North. I am finishing up my last semester of college at UK! I can't wait to keep reading and following along with you in this coming year! Also your picture on your side bar is g o r g e o u s !

  16. Ahhh I missed the survey!! I'd love more posts on how you plan before traveling. Budgeting, choosing places to stay, how you choose activities over chill time, etc. I love the recaps, but the planning process would be super helpful!

    I'm Ashley, started reading your blog when I was in college (same age as you). I got married a few months after you and also majored in education, so I related a lot to your posts. No baby here yet, but I've enjoyed reading about your experiences. I live in Greenville, SC (love it here!! Great place to visit if you're near by), and am a children's librarian. We boiyght a house a year ago, so it's fun to see your home posts and how you renovated your first home. I remember showing it to my husband when we were looking at houses saying "wow look what we could do!!" Haha Thanks for being a great constant read over the years

  17. Hi! My name is Loni and I live in Phoenix AZ. I am a third grade teacher and found your blog while on Pintrest. I grew up in a very small town in Montana and find your blog very nostalgic. . I am trying to convince my fiance to move back to the "small town" life. HA! I love reading your blog and hearing about your sweet family!

  18. I really enjoy your blog Victoria and am so sorry I missed your reader survey, things were pretty busy during the Christmas/New Year holiday so I wasn't on social media as often. But I really enjoyed this post and can't wait to see how your blogging evolves this new year! I'm Bethany, our family lives in Central California, I work part-time in the financial brokerage field, my husband works in agriculture and I am a mama to our 1.5 year old boy and currently 36 weeks pregnant with baby brother!

  19. Can't wait to see what's ahead on the blog! It's one of just a handful I check daily :). My name is Kathleen, and I live in Los Angeles but I'm from MN and AZ. I work in public relations at a children's hospital and love reading, drinking Diet Coke, taking Snapchats of I see, cooking, and being a bridesmaid (5 times this year)!

  20. Hello! I'm Shelby and I live in Nashville with my husband. We've been married almost a year and a half (still trying to claim ourselves as "newlyweds" ;)) We bought our first house a year ago this month, and we have been working on it all year (tearing down wallpaper, painting and building a farmhouse table!) We both work in "corporate America", but I often dream of the day when we have kids and I get to stay at home with them. I love your blog and I have been following along for about 4 years now! Thanks for sharing your life and family with us! :)

  21. So fun to see the results of the survey! I've been following for a long time but don't often comment. Your thanksgiving breakdown they year previous was amazing and I had the most perfect looking turkey I could ever have imagined. Those posts have been the most practical for me bar far. I don't remember how and when I found you but I also love following your friend Nicole. :)
    I've hardly blogged at all on my own blog in the last year or so. Hello from Oklahoma! Looking forward to your new year of blogging! :D

  22. Oh heyyyyy! I'm Britt! To be honest, I can't remember if I filled out the survey or not! I often try to, but sometimes I just can't. Anyway! I live in Idaho with my husband of almost 7 years, Kyle, and our sweet kiddos, Abe and Eliza (Abe will be 3 in March and Eliza just turned one in November - they're 19 months apart). I blog at, love to read, and am currently hating the snow ;)

  23. Hello my friend! I'm Meredith... I live in Nashville... I'm your new family photographer ;) and your most sporadic blog reader/commenter ever. I have loved your blog for almost FOUR years and am trying so hard to be a better blogger because I love the outlet it gives me to write and to connect! I'm so thankful for you!! :)

  24. Hey Victoria! I have lovd reading your blog from the beginning when I started following gives me a sweet, homey vibe...and your blog was an inspiration for the feel I wanted on my own. Hailing from the mitten state, working in ministry and now training for my first marathon! :)

  25. Hi Victoria! I'm Patty, and I've loved getting to know you over the past couple of years. I especially love that we share a love of Christ, of all things Theta and that we also share an anniversary date. I'm not your average reader, as I'm old enough to be your mom. But I have 3 adult daughters of my own, and one of them is expecting twin girls in a few weeks, so I reference your blog often and share ideas with my daughter. I REALLY love living vicariously through you with all of your travels! Keep sharing your joy for life, my friend! Love you!

  26. I just love your heart and this corner of the web. Your blog always bring light into my day and makes me smile. I wish I could see you in person and chat! Please keep posting all the things. :) And I can't wait to see how you decorated your new home, your style is so inviting and welcoming!

  27. Hi! I'm Julie, from Houston! I'm the mother to the sweetest 11 year old girl, married for 16 years, and a kindergarten teacher. I love how sweet and real your blog is. I found you via Meet the Shaneyfelts blog, and I found her through Mix and Match Mama blog. Y'all are all very positive and inspiring and I just love to read and get new ideas on all kinds of things. Keep up the awesome work!!

  28. Hey Victoria!! I stumbled on your blog about 6 months ago through reading Sarah's blog @ MeetTheShaneyfelts. I I fell in love with all of your travel posts and your new mother posts! Gush about Beau all you want!!! I love it!

    I have lived in Louisiana for about 3 years now. I grew up in Massachusetts so I am still adjusting to the south. Right before Christmas this year my boyfriend Ryan proposed so I am a newly titled fiancée! I work in cancer clinical trials but am a biomedical engineer by trade! I love to travel, bake and work on my 1 year old blog (Favorites, Some Fun & a Fluffy Bun).

    Reading your blog has become a morning tradition for me! Thank you for sharing!!!

  29. Hey Victoria!

    I found your blog from the Southern Weddings Christmas home tour and fell in love with your style! I love reading your blog; its just such a happy place online!

    I grew up all over the country (mainly the Southern states) but now live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am dying to get back to the South; I miss it so much!! I graduated from college in May 2016 and am now working in the hearing aid industry. Thank you for sharing part of your life and home on here! It has been so fun to read!

  30. I'm Shelby, I live in San Marcos, TX. I found your blog through a mutual friend on Facebook.
    I actually lived in Justin for most of my childhood. We moved away in the beginning of 2005. I love reading your blog because it feels like I am back home, hearing about people and friends I grew up with!

  31. Hi!! I'm Jordan. I honestly can't, for the life of me, remember how I found your blog. Maybe through April at A Smidge of This? Who knows! I have been reading for quite some time, which I mentioned in the survey.
    Anyway- I am 23. I grew up sort of everywhere but was born and raised in SC. I now live in Canada..moved here a few years ago, and I am STILL trying to adjust to basically being frozen for 5-6 months of the year lol. I graduated with an international development degree and I am NOT using it, as I currently work as an admin assistant. I think about writing a blog often of just my work adventures because they are seriously crazy! I am a Tri Delta (panhel love!) and I have been with my sweet boyfriend for almost 5 years.
    I swear I'll keep reading forever because you are basically goals. I love all of your travel posts and I am obsessed with your sweet little boy!! THANK YOU for being you and for sharing your life.

  32. Hi! I'm Nanette and live in Nashville. I think I found your blog a few years ago somehow, through Meredith Teasley, who goes to my church. I didn't participate in your survey, but I probably skew your demographics. Ha! I'm an almost-fifty, pretty much empty nester (my only son will graduate from college in May) who loves to read blogs and hear about what other women are doing in life, no matter what age/stage they're in. I also have a blog, although I don't keep up with it as often as I used to. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  33. Hi Victoria! I'm Stephanie and I'm from New York State. I studied biology in college and I'm pursuing a career in medicine. I found your blog about a year and a half ago- somehow when I googled Fixer Upper, your post on Joanna's home event came up (still in shock that you were in her actual farm house!)!

    I love checking in to see what's new with your family, and I especially enjoy all your travel and interior design posts. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for taking the time to share your life with us- you are always so positive and thoughtful, and it's inspiring to see you strive to be a good mom and wife, and live life to the fullest! Wishing you many blessings in the year to come!

  34. Hello again! My name is Autumn and I live in the burbs of Atlanta, Georgia. I met my husband on a blind date that took two years to set up haha. I taught special education for three years, but my heart wasn't there and the after hours work meant I didn't have much quality time with my husband. I finished my masters in teaching English as a second language and now I teach part-time (which was my hope) to some of the coolest adults from Brazil! We've been to 38 states in the time that we've been married and six countries :)

  35. Hahahaha you made me LOL with this line: And a huge shoutout to the one respondent who only reads my blog!!! HI!!! :)

  36. Hi!! I love that the survey ended up feeling encouraging for you. You're amazing - I love your blog and completely agree with all the affirmations you received!! My name is Abbi Hearne. I'm 22 and I'm originally from Austin, Texas! My husband and I currently live on the road in a tiny camper as full time outdoor wedding and adventure lifestyle photographers. We love traveling around the western US and taking photos of rad adventurous couples and individuals. We're pretty outdoorsy but I love keeping up with blogs like yours because it honestly kind of keeps me sane :) Like I still have normal girlfriends with normal houses haha. I love reading your posts! Thank you for keeping us updated!!! :)

  37. Hey Victoria! I found your blog via the Everygirl a while back. Love your photography and overall feel of your blog. Agree with other readers that it's "homey" :) Your family is so adorable and I love your interior decor style. My style aligns with yours as it's a mix of clean but warm. Definitely taking notes for my next move in a couple months.

    I'm a Chicago native and have been living in Southern California for about 7 years (currently in San Diego). Attended UCSD for undergrad and USC for Business school and am working in international trade & supply chain. I love photography and travel and gravitate towards blogs in those categories. I spend my free time exploring sunny San Diego with my boyfriend, horseback riding, doing yoga, reading and eating Mexican food (typical Cali girl stuff). - Love your blog, keep doing what you're doing!

  38. Hi! I'm Jessica, and I live in Baltimore, MD. I think I found your blog through Southern Weddings, but it was a few years ago so I don't remember exactly! I have lived here and been married for about 3.5 years, and work as a civil engineer. I didn't get a chance to respond to your survey, but I am an avid reader! I love your home décor posts (especially since we bought a house this summer), and loved following along as you traveled through Europe with Beau!

  39. I'm Danielle! I live in Kentucky and love all these of the south. I graduated two years ago with a degree in Elementary Education but am currently on the journey to find where the Lord truly wants me. I also got married almost two years ago so I am enjoying the newly married life! I also blog, but haven't been as consistent in the past which is my goal for 2017. I love all things from my husband, my puppy, horse farms, sunsets, sweet tea, Kentucky Basketball, and of course Jesus. I love reading your blog and find you so inspiring, plus who wouldn't love pictures of your sweet Beau! :)

  40. I'm Emily! I am in St. Louis, but am an Illinois girl at heart. I work in corporate America, but love to dream about opening my own shop with home decor / antiques. I love cooking and trying new recipes, going to the movies, shopping wayyy too much, and organizing. I think I found your blog via Sarah's (Meet the Shaneyfelts). Can't wait to see what this year brings for you and yours!

  41. Hi Victoria! I’m Stephanie and I’m from New York State. I studied biology in college and I’m pursuing a career in medicine. I found your blog about a year and a half ago- somehow when I googled Fixer Upper, your post on Joanna's home event came up! (still in shock that you were in her actual farm house!)

    I love checking in to see what's new with your family, and I especially enjoy all your travel and interior design posts. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for sharing your life with all of us- you are always so positive and thoughtful, and it is inspiring to see how you striving to be a good mom and wife, and live life to the fullest! Hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come!

  42. I just did my first ever reader survey this year and I loved reading the recap of yours! I was debating on doing a full recap post, but I think that this was great so that's what I'm going to do next!

  43. Hey Victoria!! I'm Teri and I live in southern La. I found your blog through Pinterest with your envelope system!! Love everything about your blog!! I have 3 kiddos!! I had my last baby (a boy) on May 8th so it's so cute to see how our little ones are growing and it's exciting to see it through your eyes as you experience everything as a new mom! I know you have your real estate license and was wondering if you could update on that or if you're still actively doing that. Any tips or real estate blogs you'd recommend?? I've been contemplating for a few years now on whether it'd be a good fit for myself and would love to hear your perspective.

  44. Hi Victoria! I'm Jessica and I live in Baltimore, MD with my husband and puppy. I'm a civil engineer, and we just bought a house this summer, so I'm looking forward to your home décor posts! I also always love the Beau updates and travel photos, so adorable! I hardly ever comment on blogs, but I will comment more! :) I love your openness, your sweet blogging voice, and seeing a glimpse into your family's life!


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