Baby Beau: 8 Months

Thursday, January 12, 2017

8 Months as of 1/11/17

we did a guesstimate with the scale and he's a little less than 18 pounds.. biggest boy!!

We'll find out at the pediatrician next month.. I wasn't about to try and measure my baby haha 

Filling out 9 months clothes and the sleeves on 6-12 months are a little long.

Little boy snoozes away for 12+ hours each night. Over Christmas, there were a few mornings when Ben and I would wake up at 8am and panic and go get Beau up so the rest of the day wasn't totally a mess, haha!

Consistency with a little bit of flexibility continues to be what keeps our days moving!

We had a quick trip to the heart doctor in December. Beau still has two tiny holes in his heart, but the doctor is confident they will close, and says that even if they don't there will be no effects on his life. Praise God! We pray hopefully for the holes to close and to be discharged from the heart doctor's care, but are grateful for our current diagnosis. 

A few times this month Beau cried and it felt like he was sad rather than just hungry or sleepy.. talk about heartbreaking! 

Clapping with Mama and Daddy
Reading books
bouncing in the bouncer
watching football (seriously)

milk that isn't warmed is still the worst thing that's ever happened to him ;) I seriously have no idea how this happened literally the week after we got home from Europe!

Beau is now lifting up his belly when he tries to crawl.. I feel like we're getting close and I can't wait! We've been working with him on learning a few words. We're trying wave, clap, no, and sugar. Haha! I really feel like he's catching onto no, and letting go of my hair when I ask some of the time, and not putting his hands in his mouth during baby food feedings when we clearly tell him "no sir!" By far the word he's responding to the most is "clap", when we take his hands and say it he flattens out his palms and spreads his fingers and starts smiling while we clap his little hands together. I can't wait for the day he does this on his own!

Places You’ve Gone: 
to lots of Christmas celebrations and his first New Year's Eve party!


  1. Yay! Can't wait for him to start clapping! I'd love to see a sweet little video. Can we just be snapchat friends?! ha! So glad his heart is doing well! Praise!

  2. Happy 8 months Beau! Aren't babies with warmed milk so funny!? Lincoln would rather starve to death than drink milk that is not within one degree of his preferences. So sweet your boy loves to clap..the fun stage is seriously just starting I can't wait :-)

  3. He gets cuter every month!! I have a hole in my heart. It's been there since birth and I've had zero effects on my health/life, so I hope the same for your sweet boy!

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