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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I always think it's super interesting to see the products that people use around the house. For Christmas, my accountability group did a Favorite Things gift exchange. What I got was my friend Tiffany's favorite detergent. It's a fancy natural detergent that smells of frankincense and myrrh that she uses specifically on her sheets and towels. It smells up the whole house every time I use it and it's amazing! It takes away the musky towel smell. This lead me to thinking that it might be fun to share the products that work around the house for us! I try to use a lot of more natural products, but sometimes it's just like, let's use windex and call it a day. Balance, you know? :)

Detergent: Babyganics
Wipes: Water Wipes
Dishwasher Pods: Whatever is on sale :)
Dryer Sheets: Babyganics is what I've been using, but I just ordered Mrs. Meyers... anyone have a recommendation? 
Multipurpose Cleaner: The Honest Company (this is by far my favorite cleaning product!) 
Bathroom Cleaner: The Honest Company (smells incredible!) 
Mirror and Window Cleaner: The Honest Company (I'm pretty sure this is just vinegar actually, haha!)
Magic Erasers are my favorite things with our white walled home! When we get a scuff, just wipe the eraser with some warm water and clean it away magically!)

Do you have any cleaning products that you absolutely swear by? I'd love to hear about them! 


  1. What is the laundry detergent you mention? That sounds incredible!

  2. Oh this is interesting! I'm now on the hunt to find bottles to put my cleaning supplies in. Am I crazy, but sometimes I hate all the bright colored bottles.

    1. I agree, Kelly! I'm looking for some clear glass (preferably!) spray bottles.

    2. I've used other bottles from this company and they work great.

  3. What is the detergent called that your friend gave you? I would love something different for our towels and sheets! I am a big fan of anything Mrs. Meyer's. We use the hand soap in all of our bathrooms, and the dish soap in the kitchen. I also love the multi-surface cleaner by Mrs.Meyer's. The basil and lavender are my favorite scents! Magic erasers are also a huge staple in our cleaning supplies. Have you ever used them on your glass shower door (if you have one)? I head that tip a few months ago and now I wipe down our glass shower doors every week with one and it works like magic! I also use vinegar, baking powder and hot soapy water on a lot of things around the house. The smell isn't too great, but it gets the job done quickly!

  4. Method almond wood cleaner is my favorite thing ever. It smells so good I clean things that are already clean. On the purely practical, Barkeeper's friend is the best dish scrub ever.

  5. We use Mrs. Meyers for all things cleaning related... my husband hates to clean but loves their basil scent! I am interested to know what the name of the fancy detergent is from your friend though!

  6. I love this post!! I'm so nosey, but I love learning what's worked well for others! :) I've never tried Honest products other than the hand sanitizer spray, which I love!

  7. I love Seventh Generation disinfecting spray. It's lemongrass and citrus scented which took some getting use t9, but I love it now! I also like their unscented Landry detergent and dish soap. I like babyganics wipes a lot so I will have to try their detergent!

  8. What's the detergent you use for your sheets? Sounds lovely


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