Christmas Recap

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We had the BEST Christmas. I feel like I can say this because I can think back on other times when Christmas didn't feel too jolly. But this year just blew us away. Celebrating the holiday with Beau was so much more fun than we could have even imagined. It was such a sweet few weeks of precious time with family and friends!

The day after Meredith returned to Nashville after her visit, it was our annual cinnamon roll making day! This year my friend McKenna joined me, and we have talked about how cool it would be to make them together every year. How sweet it would be to look back on 30 years of Christmas baking together! 

To keep with the festive spirit, we put our little boy in a Santa hat. :) 

Over the break we got lots of sweet time with our precious niece! They'd prefer to keep her off social media, which is why these two photos are the ones I've chosen. Take my word for it when I tell you there are some really sweet photos of us cheesing so big while decorating sugar cookies together. Megan's attention span blows me away. We rolled out and cut out a full batch, baked them all, and iced them all. As you can see, our icing all had to be pink. The homemade icing I made was soon trumped when Granny pulled out a can of hot pink from the grocery store!

On Christmas Eve-Eve, we took a quick trip to visit our dear friend Collin and his parents. Beau got his first Christmas present, a few sweet books! We love our sweet friends the Spindle family! 

On Christmas Eve we woke up so excited to celebrate! For us, we have just as many celebrations on Christmas Eve as on actual Christmas. I took the quick photo above to remember one of the last times I'll ever feed Beau a bottle by the light of the Christmas tree. Cue the tears!! 

I made Breakfast Enchiladas to take to Big Granny's and they were so delicious! Everyone complimented so we'll for sure make them again. 

We were so in love with our sweet boy's classic Christmas outfit. Ben's mom even teared up, because her three boys always used to wear little knee socks like Beau has on. He looked so stinking precious! I had gotten him the Feltman Brothers bubble just days after we found out we were having a boy, in the after Christmas sales. My little sweet boy is so consistent with his sizing, and this fit perfectly.

Recently Ben and I were talking about how Beau smiles with his WHOLE face. He very rarely smiles with his eyes open, he just gets so happy!! 

After a wonderful Christmas at Big Granny's, complete with a wonderful Christmas program and several hilarious minute to win it games, we took afternoon naps before church. I had looked forward to Beau's first Christmas Eve Candlelight service so much. Beau loved being greeted at the door of Ben's parent's church by his Pops! 

Every year, I had watched the families take their photos by the Christmas tree in the lobby. Last year I told Ben's brother to get ready for his yearly tradition of taking our photo, starting the next year.. so it was really fun to finally get our photo. It makes me all teary (again, yep!) thinking about seeing Beau grow in front of this tree, and prayerfully adding more sweet little tots to our family photo! 

Beau was extra sweet during service, and fell asleep right before the candles came out and we sang silent night. I have a feeling that this will become one of our favorite memories ever. 

We got lots of sweet gifts this year, but one stands out as my favorite gift of all time. Ben's Granny wrote out her story (complete with photos from over the years) and gave a copy to everyone. Reading it made us sob so much. She did such an incredible job writing out her trials and her joys. She captured historical details and personal memories. We are so grateful for our sweet family, and this forever keepsake. I told Ben that I really wanted to do something like this one day, and quickly realized that every blog post is doing just that! 

My favorite thing from this page was her writing about how her dad gave her $20 to call home if her future husband wasn't a perfect gentleman on their first date. At the time, no one had phones, so she would call the emergency line and someone would have physically ran to their house. What precious details! 

As you can see, a certain little boy was in a great mood on Christmas morning! :) 

We did our usual routine.. reading from Luke 2, eating a cinnamon roll, and opening our presents. Beau's big present was a trip in the Spring, and it was kind of a gift to all of us! :) 

One last run with the matching jams before Beau outgrows his. 

One last Christmas jon jon, one of my favorites! 

We had a sweet and full day of more celebration with family! Like I said, our best Christmas ever. 

We've been trying to teach Beau how to give kisses. As you can see, that wasn't going too well, haha! 

Ben went on a quick two day hunting trip with his brother. I survived my first overnight parenting time without him, and worked on some styling in our living room! 

We then celebrated FOUR years of marriage. What a joy! We go to a new restaurant every year, and this one might have been our favorite yet. Al Biernat's in Dallas! Yum!! 

The next few days were sweet but photoless. They were filled with goal setting, baby snuggles, and quality time. I hope y'all all had a WONDERFUL Christmas with your people! 



  1. This is such a wonderful Christmas! I loved reading everything about it, and I'm still so blown away that Ben's grandmother wrote a book of her life! You're right, that is the best gift!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. It looks like y'all had such a festive, joyful time celebrating Christmas! I adore Beau's precious outfits! :)

  3. Beau's Christmas morning pictures are adorable!! And what a special gift from Ben's granny!! I just love that

  4. Beau is the cutest and those cinnamon rolls look divine! So glad you had a sweet and special holiday season :)

  5. Those cinnamon rolls look amazing. What a sweet tradition. I can't believe that book Ben's grandma wrote - that is seriously the neatest thing! Definitely a special thing to keep forever!

  6. A few years ago, my uncle bound up all of my grandmother's Christmas newsletters she sent to family and friends (20+ years) with the photos from her Christmas cards, and gave a copy to each sibling and grandchild. One of my most sweetest possessions!

  7. I loved reading this! So sweet. I love the idea of gifting him a trip instead of a bunch of stuff. My husband and I have talked about doing a big trip over Christmas every year once we have kids so they aren't distracted by all the materialistic craziness of our culture. But the sad thing about that would be being away from family. I like the idea of just gifting a trip!

  8. I had a chuckle over that kiss. And I'm really curious about your big upcoming trip in the spring. That gift from your grandma is the sweetest legacy gift.


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