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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I had a totally different post planned for today but the world stopped for me when I got photos back from Meredith Teasley. At the beginning of December, Mere texted me one day asking out of the blue if she could visit that next week, and I of course said YES as quick as I could. We started planning our Magnolia trip and life was dandy. Meredith then said she wanted to gift us a session, which blew me away. The sweetest thing ever. I knew we'd have fun and that I'd like the photos, but the whole thing entirely blew my expectations out of the water. It was so much fun to see my talented friend practicing her craft. She said that her goal as a photographer is to "make mamas cry" and I have the selfie to prove it that tears were shed over the photos you're about to see. She perfectly captured our little family and I'm so, so grateful. My friend Lyndsey pointed out something pretty powerful to me. When she saw my favorite image of Beau, she said that photo would be the one that we put out on display at Beau's high school graduation party, the one that's in his wedding slideshow, the photo that we think of when we need a baby photo of Beau. That made these photos so much more meaningful to me than they already were. We also took them in the same spot where we took my pregnancy announcement photos. Oh yeah, and the day they were taken it was 70 degrees in Texas... sandwiched between two 30 degree days. These photos were meant to be, haha!!

I tried to hold back from sharing every single photo, but this is still a lot.. so bear with me for this photo heavy post! :) 

This photo is the one I was referencing above :)



  1. Those photos are beautiful, Victoria! Beau is the cutest and your family is beautiful! Meredith did a wonderful job. :)

  2. such a beautiful family! love them!

  3. He is such a happy baby! And his eyes really are so blue! Also we have those baskets! Haha I love the photo of just Ben and you too and your sweater!

  4. Great family photos! Talented photographer friend, you have! I'm off to look her up!

  5. What great pictures to have for years to come!

  6. These photos are absolutely beautiful and such a sweet gift that she gifted you!! Love your outfit in this!

  7. So, so sweet, friend! Beau looks so happy in all of his basket photos, and you look particularly beautiful in the third from bottom!

  8. All of these pictures are absolutely gorgeous, y'all make such a pretty family! And I totally caught the feelings when you were talking about displaying that picture for his graduation and his wedding...time just absolutely flies!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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