Friday No. 53

Friday, January 6, 2017

No. 1
I recently connected with the wonderful Emily of Sizelove Letter Co, after seeing that she made some prints for a sweet friend. She posted a few peeks of what she's making for us on her instagram, and I about died! I'm so excited to put this print up! 

No. 2
No kidding, the highlight of my whole week has been getting our family photos back from my dear friend Meredith Teasley!

No. 3
I shared results from my blog survey here, and asked for y'all to tell me a little bit more about yourselves in the comments. If you haven't done so already, I'd love to hear from you

No. 4
The Bachelor came back on this week, which is basically the best ever. :) I love watching and got sucked down a black hole of watching videos of Jimmy Kimmel talking to people about this new season. Let me start y'all off with the same process by sharing this video of Jimmy Fallon having Jennifer Aniston make her top four pics.

Oh, and a PSA.. Target has buy one get one half off on all athletic wear their brand, which in my world means stocking up on sports bras. Sorry if that's a TMI! 

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  1. Okay I'm obsessed with the artwork you're getting for Beau! I really wish I could write really pretty so I could do my own haha!!


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