Friday No. 54

Friday, January 13, 2017

No. 1

Last weekend we had a "snow" weekend. It was basically just freezing cold with some tiny flurries that didn't stick to the ground.  We put a sweet and "punny" onesie on Beau for the occasion.

We stayed in our jammies and snuggled in the cold all day, before heading outside to feel the snow and take a few photos before Ben got home from work. 

The next morning at breakfast it was so cold that the building was too, so Beau hung out in Ben's coat the whole time. :) 

No. 2

I challenge you to watch this video and not cry! 

No. 3
Beau's been soooo much more social lately! It's been especially fun because we can get him to pose for photos so easily, haha! It's made the days so much more fun now that Beau can interact with us so much more. 

No. 4
I'm dying to go look at the following new arrivals at Anthro in store.. so cute! But so often when i try on it's a womp womp moment, so we'll see, haha! 

And this dress literally gave me a heart attack.. it's under $60 and I immediately ordered multiple sizes because I feel like it's going to be an item that sells out! 

Happy Weekend! 

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  1. Oh my! Beau is such a cute little bear in that outfit! And I can't wait to check out Anthro this weekend too. :)

  2. Your son is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen! And his hair is so amazing :)

  3. Beau's smile with his little eyes scrunched up is the SWEETEST! And that video of the twins had me in tears. I really need to stop watching those things when I'm at work ;-) Have a great weekend, girl!

  4. "Chillin' with my snowmies" is the cutest little onesie ever! Adorbs.

  5. Beau has the cutest smile! That pic of him in the high chair is adorable!

  6. Okay, Beau is adorable! I love when you share photos here and on insta because I'm finally getting my dose of daily-cuteness! And that last dress you shared is too precious, I love the ruffle!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  7. Beau, you are so sweet! That photo of you and your husband with the Young House Love duo? I can see so much of your husband in Beau when I look at that photo. It's so special to watch our boys grow and hopefully be like the men we married :) Happy 2017, Victoria!


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