Friday No. 55

Friday, January 20, 2017

No. 1
It's been a crazy busy week in our house, complete with the cherry on top of a sick baby.. poor little Beau! Even though it's been a really rough week, we captured probably my favorite candid photo of Beau so far (although I will say this changes often!) Ben and Beau were snuggling and playing and I picked up his phone and caught a really genuine moment between them.. I love my boys so much! 

No. 2

I am obsessed with my current tennies, and never want to part with them, but I must confess these really caught my eye (especially because they are 20% off with free shipping!) I ordered them just to see if I like them. It's crazy how much I wear my tennies these days as a mama, and I thought these would be perfect!

No. 3

This week I feel deep into the tunnel of binge watching this new show, Timeless. I'd highly recommend it. I was instantly intrigued, it makes me want to know more about history, and I didn't notice until I'm typing this out but it's pretty clean I think! I promise you'll be hooked. The most recent episode left me SO anxious for live episodes. My DVR will be working hard on Monday night between this show and of course, The Bachelor. (Don't even get me started on this season though.. ugh)

No. 4

I'm trying to get hip with the current social media times and actually use Instagram story. I haven't really ever got super into snapchat either. It's just not my instinct to record life as it's happening. That sounds silly to say because I love photos but if I'm with people, for the most part my phone is the last thing on my mind. However, it is fun to record some tiny everyday moments! Follow along @victoriastrader

No. 5
Y'all gave me such great recommendations on this post.  I've been listening to all my podcasts like crazy!! Thank you!

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  1. omg! those blush tennis! theyre so cute!

  2. Beau's little feet on your workout mat kill me. And that pic of him and Ben is just the sweetest-those are the best moments of parenthood, the candids. I never got into snapchat, but I LOVE insta stories and probably share more than I should! It is nice to have all of that in one app :-) Have a beautiful weekend, mama!

  3. Those little baby feet are precious! Also, I love those tennis. Happy Friday :)

  4. Love those sneakers! I have a gray pair of Nikes I live in... I probably need to get a new pair soon! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Oh going to check out those podcasts now!

  6. I love those tennies!!! I need that color in my closet haha! And you know I'm obsessed with IG stories...I love them!

  7. I hope baby Beau feels better! Super cute tennies!! Have a great weekend!

  8. Beau's baby toes in that last picture are so precious! And I love those shoes!! They seem like a great combo of practical and cute! Have a great weekend!!

    Kenzie @ Connected in the Kitchen

  9. We just binge-watched Timleless too! I feel like it speaks to my lifelong love of historical fiction that I credit to American Girl books ;) The latest episode was SO creepy though!


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