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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Today I turn 26, yippee! Birthdays in my world are a whole lot more exciting when they belong to other people, but I'm trying to embrace this milestone. Meanwhile I've had pinterest boards for multiple Beau's first birthday themes since before he was born, we're taking a birthday trip for him, and having multiple photo shoots but that's normal.. right? RIGHT? ;)

I thought it might be fun to share 26 things about me for those of y'all that are newer to my blog.. and for those of y'all who have been around for awhile. I tried to make them as random and interesting as possible! :)
  1. I've never played on an organized sports team. Not even soccer when I was four, like most people do. Literally never. 
  2. My middle name is Louise and I've really disliked it since I was little. I used to tell people my middle name was "Pink" because of it being my favorite color. Now we've talked about using Louise as a middle name for a future baby girl Strader.. we've come full circle! 
  3. In my mind I have hair categorized as "short" right now although I know for a lot of people my hair would be considered long. 
  4. I really REALLY like organizing things. When I figure out a new way to keep something organized I get so excited. For example, I just found that container store has paper towel holders that mount to the inside of your cabinet and my world is rocked. 
  5. I cried when Beau saw Santa for the first time. It was just such a sweet and surreal thing for my first born babe to be doing something so iconic. 
  6. I've never seen Forrest Gump or The Sandlot. 
  7. I pretty much drink only water. I drink something else maybe five times a year. 
  8. In the 5th grade I remember thinking a lot about how I could never be president of the United States. 
  9. I read all of my books on the kindle app on my phone or iPad. Since starting to do this I feel like real books that aren't decor are just clutter!
  10. Y'all probably know this by now but my favorite dessert is cookie cake. 
  11. My cousin sang in the queen's royal boys choir. 
  12. When there were still new Harry Potter books coming out I'd always hole up and read them in a day. I did this with books 4-7. Book four came out in July 2000, so I was ten years old. No joke I read them all in a day every time. I've always been a fast reader. 
  13. Is two Harry Potter facts too many? Nope. I clearly remember being in the third grade and knowing that I was about to go out of town with my dad so I rationed the number of pages I could read in the third Harry Potter book each day so I could allow myself a good amount to read on the plane. 
  14. I have a cabinet filled with seasonal candles that I rotate by season. It's an addiction. 
  15. I love seafood and truly don't understand how so many people strongly dislike it! 
  16. When I was little I used to name all of my baby dolls Chloe because that was the name I wanted to name my daughter one day.. I still like the name but it likely won't belong to any Strader baby girls. 
  17. I know the "love languages" book is super legitimate but Ben always says I'm all of the love languages, haha! 
  18. It's so weird that I'm married and have a child.. I still feel like I'm 17. Except now that was NINE years ago. Wow!
  19. There are four large gallery walls in our house that took a long time to hang.. I feel like I've made Ben an expert at this point! 
  20. My first international flight was at two weeks old and my first solo international flight was when I was 15. 
  21. Wearing thick socks with certain texture might be the worst form of torture ever. 
  22. On that note, if a sweater is even slightly itchy my skin will turn super red and be terrible!
  23. I don't listen to music in the car, only podcasts. 
  24. My favorite season of the year is EASTER CANDY. It's actually really fall but Easter candy is a delicious food group and the ultimate temptation. Last year I stretched a bag of cadbury mini eggs though until July savoring each one because I knew they wouldn't be available. I ultimately ending up throwing away the last third of the bag when I knew I wanted to kick my last bit of pregnancy weight!
  25. I have only ever skied once, and I didn't make it to the bottom of the green slope before taking off my skis and boots and walking in the snow to the bottom in just my socks. Didn't have time for those uncomfy boots. I warmed my toes by the heater in the ski shop for a long time. 
  26. I get really afraid of things selling out. Currently, I'm afraid of not being able to get "My First Easter" pajamas at Target for Beau. Like in what world do they sell out online and in all Targets? not realistic. But it's a real worry in my world.. haha! 


  1. #18 YES AND YES! I seriously feel this way all the time, and my husband thinks I'm nuts. Like, how in the world am I five years out of college now? Crazyness.

  2. Love your post! Happy birthday sweet friend! Hope your day is full of yummy cookie cake and sweet giggles from your boy.

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope 26 is a great year!!

  4. Happy birthday, friend! I'm super sensitive to fabric also-- I tried on one wedding dress that, within second, gave me hives all over my neck and back! haha!

  5. These are funny - esp 8 & 25! Similar to you - I've never seen the Sandlot or the Goonies, I used to LOVE the girl's name Stephanie when I was little (though now I'm neutral towards it), and I still have a hidden stash of Valentine's Sweetarts from last year because they are the best! But I try not to let my body have that much sugar at one time haha :)

  6. I wasn't a sports girl either, unless you count being on the competition dance team. Zero hand eye coordination over here. Happy birthday, I hope it's your best year yet:)

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Just came across your blog from Thoughts for Thursday! Loved learning a bit about you! :) Hope you have a fabulous day!

    Trendy & Tidy

  8. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful year! I have never been skiing, but I think I would probably do the same! You need to see Forrest Gump!

  9. Happy Birthday Victoria! This is such a fun post idea! :)

  10. First of all, you have GOT to see Forrest Gump! It's my husband's favorite movie (our lab is even named Forrest!) Second of all, I'm with you on the seafood & candle stash-I love seafood and I too have a giant hoard of candles that I desperately need to work through before I buy more!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  11. Hope you had a great Bday! All of my dolls were named Chloe as well! Too funny!

  12. Happy belated birthday, girlie!! Love all these fun facts about you!! I devoured the Harry Potter books too... and I was first in line to get the last one... and umm... I was older than you when I started reading them. LOL Happy weekend!! -Sara


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