A Day in the Life: February 21, 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017

I always think that "day in the life" blog posts are some of the most interesting to read, but I haven't really done them. It's a lot to remember to take photos throughout the day, but last week I had a success! I think it will be really sweet to look back on what this season of life was like. There are several things about this day that are typical, and several that aren't.. but it's a good representation overall, I think! :)

My alarm clock goes off at 6am and I hop in the shower. I then head into the kitchen to respond to a few urgent emails and read a few blogs. My breakfast that morning ended up being quick.. I grabbed a few links of chicken apple sausage before I noticed what time it was. 

If I wake up Beau right on time at 7am, it means I have 18 minutes to get a few things done. I quickly blow-dry my hair a little bit (this blowdryer has completely changed the game for me!) and switch over laundry. 

It's 7 am and time to get my boy!

This is what he looks like once he's been unzipped from his sleep sack and is wiggling out all his sleepy!

Beau has his bottle and I put on last night's new episode of Counting On to keep us company. 

After his bottle, Beau and I head into our bedroom and he hangs out in the Boppy while I make the bed and finish blow drying my hair. 

We are grabbing snuggles the whole way!

Then we spend some quality time together.. Beau is so close to crawling and just rocks and rocks. Sometimes takes a scoot or two backwards. Still waiting on forwards. :) 

While we're playing I get a notification that a dress I ordered for Beau's 1 year photos is on it's way. I'm so excited to try it on. 

Time for Beau's baby food breakfast. He's been trying to feed himself lately which has been seen and wonderful but has lead to big messes. 

After his meal and playing for a bit longer, Beau goes down for nap and I finish getting ready. On Tuesday mornings I meet with my Accountability group. We meet each week and encourage one another to walk more closely with Christ and serve our families better! 

Because of president's day, we had a few more children at group than usual. Beau got to meet Alexa's new puppy! He grabbed onto her skin and wouldn't let go.. oops!

This photo shows how much he loves his sweet Addilyn... too happy and bouncy to pose for a photo, haha! 

After our meeting I drive through Chick fil A to get a cool wrap before heading to Wal Mart to get our grocery pickup. As I type this I'm realizing that today had a lot more eating out than a usual day! 

Wal mart grocery pickup is truly one of the best things! I love Wal Mart's prices but don't love the shopping experience. This is the best of both worlds. 

When I get home I put Beau down for another nap, he had a bottle and some baby food while at Accountability. Then I put on some comfy pants and put away all the groceries and clean up any messes from the morning. 

Productivity Selfie! :) 

I had to finish up my blog post for the next day and did so while continuing to watch the episode of Counting On that I had on earlier. 

After finishing my post I curl up with my favorite blanket and relax until Beau wakes up. This is where I got bad about recording the day. He had another bottle after nap and we played until Ben got home.. Beau's favorite part of the day! While they played I saw that my dress was delivered and rushed to try it on. 

The dress that I was so excited for arrived! And is way too short for me. Cue the heartbreak. It's not as obvious in this photo but I couldn't wear it in public, I promise!

This is such a random snap but the three of us played together for awhile until Ben got picked up by his dad. Our high school is in basketball playoffs and they went to one of the games for the night, leaving me flying solo. Ben's mom called and said she was getting Jason's Deli for dinner because they'd be gone, and brought me by a wrap! 

I told you there was more eating out than a normal day! :) 

I go ahead and finish my blog post after putting Beau down for the night, and then crawl in bed to read until Ben gets home. A different night with him being gone, but I loved getting to relax and read. 

Hope y'all enjoyed a look into an average day for us! :) 



  1. Loved this day in the life! Is your top a MJ top? It looks great on you!

  2. Too bad the dress was too short. You looked amazing!

  3. I love day in the life posts! Sounds like you have a great routine down!

  4. I would love to know more about your Accountability group! My church does ladies Bible studies 2-3x a year, but, when there is down time, I really miss having those weekly meet-ups and the fellowship that takes place. So important to continuously walk with and encourage each other.

  5. Love that top! Where is it from?


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