Baby Beau: 9 Months

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

9 Months as of 2/11/17

I never want to forget all that Beau changed this month! I feel like my monthly update posts have become a little stale, and I want to go back and add some more info. I realize that I always forget a ton of details and then I read other people's and remember lots of things that I could have talked about, haha! So you may think this post is information overload.. oops! But anyway.. this month I feel like Beau grew up so much. He's all of a sudden super busy and curious into everything. Sitting up so well and leaning in lots of different ways, trying so hard to crawl, getting his first two teeth. This month I've allowed quite a few cat naps with Beau sleeping on his mama.. now more than ever I can see these precious moments slipping away. I didn't think it was possible to keep falling more and more in love with Beau each month, but I do. I'm so grateful to be his mama. 

18 pounds 2.4 ounces

27 3/4 inches

A few 9 month outfits are going in the too small bin, and I'm excited for 6-12 month clothes that have worked for so long finally really fitting. I got a ton of 9 month size clothes themed for Christmas but not a ton for afterwards so we're in a weird few outfit rut until Spring arrives! We just got a sweet seersucker bubble in the mail that I'm so excited for my boy to wear. I've accidentally ordered wayyyy too much seersucker. 

Beau's taking two big naps each day, with usually one cat nap in the early evening, depending on how long his afternoon nap has been. He's sleeping between 12-13 hours and we're just so grateful for our sweet sleeping boy!

I always feel like I answer this question with the sleep one! I will note, that Beau continues to sleep right up pressed against the bumpers on his crib. 

This month Beau had his first ear infection. Long story short, his little cold and ear infection got a lot worse when he reacted to his medicine and had tummy bug like symptoms for a few days. Nothing will stress a girl out like a tiny boy throwing up. Broke my heart. 

It's so crazy.. but I feel like Beau so rarely cries any more. It's pretty much from bonk on the head or if he's clearly teething. He used to cry a little bit first thing when he woke up out of hunger, but now he mostly just starts talking and smiling at us.. the best part of the day!

Being tickled on his back, makes him laugh so hard!
plain applesauce 
sitting on his quilt 
playing with his crinkle book 
jumping up and down, trying to stand 
His paddington book 
Clapping and waving (still assisted by mama and daddy!) 
Bathtime is a forever favorite 
Riding in the Stroller 
Giving sloppy sugars 
Biting his daddy's nose 
When Daddy gets home from work (no question who the favorite parent is here haha) 
his discovery of how funny it is to blow bubbles 
when we fake sneeze or say "boo!" 

This isn't necessarily a dislike, but he's not phased at all by our english bulldog, Matilda.. haha! Poor Tildy girl!

This month was filled with so much! Beau got his first two teeth and seems to be working on some up top as well. He's sitting up so big, and overall just really interacting and talking a ton. He will respond to "no no" and "no sir" when he's told not to do something in a stern voice, and he also responds to a few other words.. "clap" "wave" and "more". He discovered his voice in a different way than he has been coo-ing for months. He's starting to really make sounds and is trying to repeat back what I say to him. After lots of repeating, he's saying "ma" but not yet mama, and not yet in connection to me. :) This isn't a milestone but he's gone from always sucking his thumb to sucking on several of his fingers.

Places You’ve Gone: 
  • To Stephenville for cousin Sunny's first birthday and to meet Xander Lewis and the other Lewis girls (they came to visit in the hospital but weren't allowed in the NICU)
  • To a high school basketball game to see Daddy get recognized by two former students 

I really regret not doing Beau & Mama's Favorites for the last few posts. I think somewhere around 5-6 I was using the same things so I abandoned this idea.. but I'm glad to bring it back! :) 

Hands down, Beau's favorite book is Paddington Bear All Day. It's followed closely by Hippos go Beserk and Dear Zoo. It's been really fun to see him develop an opinion. Any time I start reading the Paddington book, he is immediately transfixed. On the other hand, we got him the Crayon's Book of Colors and I've never gotten more than a page in because he thinks it's the most boring thing to ever happen, haha! 

We borrowed the Baby Einstein jumperoo from some friends and it's been amazing! Beau loves jumping up and down and I can see it's really made his little legs strong. It's also really peaked his interest in standing. We packed up the mamaroo a few months ago so it's been nice to have a place to put him down when I need to unload the dishwasher or whatever. 

Beau's interest in toys has been slim to none. I know a ton of babies always want a toy in hand from a young age.. but Beau isn't super interested. Especially because of his condition with his thumbs, it's been a priority to me to find a few things to catch the attention of my laid back boy and help him with his grip and grasp. The O ball is a new favorite, and he loves his Sophie the Giraffe brand elephant teether. He doesn't really like actual Sophie Giraffe, but the elephant ears are the best for his teething!   His discovery of toys was also aided greatly by the toys on the side of the jumperoo. 

Beau's favorite Christmas present was from his cousin Meg.. his farm tails book! It's just a really cute crinkle book and he loves chewing on it, playing with it, etc. He's working on turning the pages lately and it's so precious. When looking it up for this post I also found Dino Tails which we honestly might need. It's too cute!

This is Beau and MAMA'S favorites after all! I feel like at this stage of the game I'm in full on mom mode. A lot of clothes in my closet fit but go unworn because they just don't fit my lifestyle currently. My old faithful wunder unders, on the other hand, are THE BEST. I've tried a few other brands and so far nothing compares. Although I've heard the Zella live in leggings are great.. I've yet to try them though! 

And now a new feature for my monthly update posts, a photo dump. Again, one of those things that's really only interesting to me. But I love having a divider of when photos were taken, how old he was. I have the date in iPhoto but I love this idea too. :) I plan to go back and update all of his old monthly posts, too!



  1. Hope you have a sweet day celebrating with your little Valentine!

  2. Beau is too cute! He is such a happy baby!

  3. He always looks like he's just grinning for the camera! I love it!

  4. I def. recommend the zella leggings! They're my favorite!

  5. Enjoy him at this stage before he gets mobile! Then he will be everywhere & into everything! It's so fun, but also exhausting!


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