February Goals

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Often times, the beginning of goals posts comment on how quickly the previous month has gone by, but this month I feel the exact opposite. Things that happened at the beginning of the month feel like absolute YEARS ago. It truly feels like this month has had 8 weeks in it, haha. There are so many happy things in the month of February. I will say that there is one thing that makes me want to skip through it all, next month is the Beauty and the Beast movie.. anyone else so ready to see that? I'll be patient for the next month, though. :) 

January Goals
Have our kitchen backsplash redone  see the reveal here
begin sharing our new home on the blog (living room next Monday!) living room post here
Host Polly's Baby Shower  recap post here (lots of posts about my goals!)
start strong on my 2017 goals I suppose so, but I don't feel like I can fully check this off!
one sugar treat each week, I'm feeling rotten from all the Christmas treats
wake up an hour earlier during the week than I have been, hello 5am! (I'm convinced that 5am is the answer to all my problems, haha!) well this was a big old FAIL! 

February Goals
Host a baby shower for my sister in law
Order everything we'll need for our upcoming trip to Disney World
celebrate a sweet Valentine's Day with my fellas
Finish and order our 2016 photobook
keep on with a good workout schedule, just keep moving! 
celebrate turning 26 (!!) 
possibly welcome our new niece/nephew.. due date march 3!
go back and add my favorite photos from the month from all of my monthly Beau blog posts

What do y'all have planned for this month? 

Also, I'm starting to work on a big blog post of all of my favorite baby items and gear.. any specific things y'all want me to address? XO 


  1. February will be so fun for you! And yay for completing most of your January goals--which, by the way, January was way too long!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Happy birthday month! It's mine too :) also I loved yalls kitchen update, it looks great! PS- I'm also on the edge of my seat waiting to see beauty & the beast!

  3. I'm loving your new backsplash! Subway tile has such a polished feel to it. Hooray for a new month! I've shared my February goals here: :)

  4. I am SO GIDDY about Beauty & the Beast!! I can't wait to take the girls.

  5. I absolutely love what you ended up doing with your kitchen. I think it is the perfect fix. I know the darker cabinets aren't your style, but I do think it looks pretty against the white. I also am so excited about Beauty and the Beast!!

    I do a monthly goal linkup and this would be perfect for it! 🙂

  6. Hi Victoria! I'm curious- you have one of your Feb. goals as "Finish and order our 2016 phonebook" but I genuinely have no idea what this means?! Can you explain? The only type of phonebook i'm familiar with is the free kind they used to send in the mail :)

  7. Victoria, could you please include the baby items that you felt were truly necessary? :) So often you see these posts of things you "have" to have for a baby and they're endless!! Would be great to hear your opinion on it. Thanks for making time to share your life with us (and beautiful baby Beau!) xx Madeleine

  8. January felt SO LONG. I hope February goes fast because I am so ready for spring!! Looks like you have an exciting month ahead of you!

  9. Sorry January was so long for you!! Rach just got the new Belle dress as a gift so I'm guessing we will be watching! ;) Slacker here, finally blogged some goals for the month!


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