Friday No. 57

Friday, February 3, 2017

No. 1
By far the best thing about this week is that Beau is finally feeling better after last week. Having a sick child is no joke.. so I can't imagine all the mamas with lots of babies! I feel like Beau is in a stage of doing new, big boy things every single day and it's so fun! He's the sweetest and loves giving everyone sugars! 

No. 2
On last week's What's Up Wednesday post  the bonus question was who is your favorite Bachelor from the tv show? I originally couldn't think of an answer so I said Chris Soules bc even though he was the worst I loved all the girls on his season. But then someone brought up favorite Bachelorettes.. and I needed to revisit this. Favorite Bachelorette is easy.. Jillian Harris and Emily Maynard. Still kind of obsessed with both of them. So glad for social media to keep up with my favorite Bachelor people, and these two aren't posting about skinny tummy tea all the time ;) It feels hard to pick a favorite Bachelor, but I'd probably have to say Sean Lowe or Ben Higgins. I know that's a vanilla answer but it's true! I do really remember enjoying Brad Womack's second season in college, too! 

No. 3
Are you watching This is Us? If you aren't.. you should be. I loved this article about Chrissy Metz (who plays Kate on the show) about what her journey as an actress has been like. 

No. 4

I've watched this about 10 times and it just makes me want to cry so many excited, nostalgic tears. Belle was my favorite princess from when I was literally two years old and I'm giddy about the movie, as I've already mentioned! Even if it's not your favorite (silly!!) this video is really cool. 

No. 5

I've been going through old photos for our love story blog posts and I keep getting caught in looking at them for way too long! This one is from our Senior banquet at church right before graduation.. the editing is so crazy.. teeth whitening was in action, y'all!! Who knew that just three years later we would be engaged! Not me. :) 

Happy Weekend y'all!! 

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  1. This Is Us is my favorite and I cannot wait for the new Beauty and the Beast movie to come out!

  2. This baby age is really the sweetest. 9-12 months is so much fun!! That picture of you and Ben is SO sweet! And glad I'm not the only one tearing up over that movie trailer.

  3. This Is Us. Seriously, that show knows how to give me a roller coaster of emotions in that one hour. One scene I can be laughing hysterically and in the next scene sobbing my eyes out. Seriously. Such a good show!

  4. I am beyond excited about Beauty and the Beast. It comes out right around my birthday so I am hoping to get out to see it as part of my celebration!

  5. This is Us makes me laugh and cry every stinking episode. The Beauty and the Beast episodes give me the chills...I'm so excited to see it!

  6. I cannot wait for the new Beauty & the Beast to come out...Belle was my absolute favorite princess! I'm trying to find a way to talk my husband into taking me to see it :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  7. I haven't yet seen This is Us, but keep hearing such terrific things. Hope you're having a terrific weekend!


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