Baby Beau: 10 Months

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The photo above might just be my favorite ever.. until we have another one that steals my heart. I mentioned last month that I wanted to remember all the progress Beau made in the previous month, and I feel the same way about this month. Our baby boy is growing at leaps and bounds, and we're loving every minute. 

Ps. You might have noticed I took a little vacation from blogging.. Ben had off for a week and I needed to press the reset button in several areas.. but now I'm back! 

19.3 pounds 

28 inches

We're full fledged into size 12 month clothes. A few different brands of 6-12 are holding up but jammies in that size have about moved onto 12-18. This seems crazy to me!! It's been really fun for me to shop through all of the sweet Spring options for him, and to pick a few special items for Disney World next month. 

Towards the end of his last month, Beau started to be a little bit of a stinker with his naps. Still excellent nighttime sleep, but 45 minute naps were not going to cut it! He's finally gotten back in his routine and is napping better than ever. He's really busy into playing so I think that's why he's been so sleepy! 

Two naps, three baby food feedings.. and a whole lot of puffs in between!

We've been doing so well.. knock on wood! No colds this month.

Teething brings out the big old crocodile tears for our boy! His top teeth are for sure coming.. but who knows when! 

pouches with fruits and veggies are his new favorite 
eating some big boy foods!
pulling up and standing with mama and daddy 
practicing our walking holding hands 
being lifted up and down 
bouncing and jumping 
meeting your new cousin, Tom
Sophie Giraffe 

Those mean toothies coming in!!

You said your first word, mama, on Valentines Day! You also went on your first date that day, also with your mama. ;) You lost your spot as the littlest cousin in our family and met your new cousin Tom. You're pulling up so well and are so close to crawling. You've moved backwards in crawl position a few times, but we're still working on it. You're getting so very strong! You become stronger in your sitting up all the time.. you're leaning forward and stretching and then returning to upright so much. You started being interested in toys while on your tummy and reaching for them.. a big feat for you because you're so laid back and don't like a whole lot of toys! We have so much fun with you, Beau William! 

We've also started feeding Beau some finger foods. Finger foods with him is a whole different ball game than the average child. Because of Beau's thumb condition, pincher grip is near impossible for him.. however, his mama has been feeding him a few new things and it's been really fun! 

Another fun thing from this month is that Beau was asked to be a RING BEARER (!!!!) in August. Tiny little tux. I die!!!

Places You’ve Gone: 
  • to lots of high school basketball playoff games
  • to Texas Tulips 
  • on a Valentine's Day date with mama to Central Market 
  • lots of family breakfast dates 
  • to the hospital to meet your new cousin 

This sippy cup is the only one that has really worked for us so far! 

I'm really surprised that I haven't mentioned these bibs in a favorites round up before. I have a few other cheaper versions of the same thing and trust me, nothing compares to these wonderful bibs. They're soft around the neck, the velcro is easy to put on, they wash well, etc etc. 

This isn't a product per se, but Blogilates has become my new favorite thing for mama survival. These workouts are quick, don't have you counting away your time, and are easy to do with a baby nearby. Beau honestly loves when I do the workouts with him by my side, he thinks it's HILARIOUS. I have lots more thoughts about this for a separate post, but these workouts are perfect for me in this season of life. 

Beau loves these Happy Baby teething wafers.. I picked this version up because they were the only ones without banana in them (we have a suspected banana allergy!) and they've been awesome! 




  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful celebration of your little prince! He's divine!

  2. OH.MY.STARS!!!!!!! He is just as cute as cupcake! And those jammies with monogram on the bum, I DIE!!! So cute! Yay! I love these updates :)

  3. That top photo is the sweetest ever! I can't believe he is 10 months old! He will look adorable in a tux!

  4. Yes, yes, yes to Blogilaties! Her workouts are great; I've been doing them for years now & when I'm feeling stale I always go back to her!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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