March Goals + Springtime Shopping

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It's been feeling like Spring in Texas most of the time lately, and it's got me way excited. Spring is always a season of celebration. Baby showers, bridal showers, graduation parties, etc etc. I love every minute of it. It's so fun to anticipate the joy ahead. I've been 

February Goals
Host a baby shower for my sister in law
Order everything we'll need for our upcoming trip to Disney World
celebrate a sweet Valentine's Day with my fellas best Valentine's Day yet!! 
Finish and order our 2016 photobook
keep on with a good workout schedule, just keep moving! 
celebrate turning 26 (!!) 
possibly welcome our new niece/nephew.. due date march 3!
go back and add my favorite photos from the month from all of my monthly Beau blog posts

March Goals 
Finish and order our 2016 Phonebook 
Work with Sizelove Letter Co. on Beau's Birthday Party invitations 
Finalize everything for Disney World 
For SURE welcome our new niece/nephew (baby will be born by Friday at the latest!)
go back and add my favorite photos from the month to my monthly Beau blog posts
complete a 21 day healthy eating challenge (today is day three!)
gather everything for Beau's Easter Basket

What do y'all have planned for this month? 

I also thought I would share this... you've probably heard me talk before about Matilda Jane Clothing. I really do love it so much and it's so fun that my good friend is a "trunk keeper" so I always love shopping with her and supporting her. It used to be that Matilda Jane had you give your credit card info to your trunk keeper vs just being able to shop online like a normal human. Haha! Now it's a normal system and you can just shop via Tiffany's website. I tried on a few of the new items to show y'all what I have my eye on and gauge sizing! Ignore the fact that my pics are sort of dweeby and literally posed in front of my friend's fireplace. 

Starting off with my favorite item. The way this works is that I could try on whatever sizes Tiffany had. Most of the time I'm a medium in Matilda Jane clothes but this dress I will size down to a small. I think I might wear it for Easter because I think I'll be leaning on the floor a lot with Beau to help him hunt eggs and whatnot. I like that it would still look modest. 

I don't love trends, and this neckline is super trendy right now but I love this dress. I know it will be something I wear to church all the time when I need something easy to throw on to look put together. It's an easy outfit. 

Here I have on a large top, and will be sizing down to a medium. Stripes and lace details are a no brainer for me. AND I've noticed a lot that my wardrobe needs have changed as a mama. This is one of those tops I know I'll wear constantly because it's comfy and easy to wear while taking care of my boy, but also stylish enough that I would feel put together whatever the circumstances. 

I also love this dress, and got this light sweater as a gift and have LOVED it! 

There are oodles more cute things on her website and if you check out.. join the trunk show I'm co-hosting with a friend! If you check out, follow these instructions and send me an email so I can tell you thank you for joining us! XO 



  1. I love the neutral top you have on in the top photo haha! Seriously something I need in my closet! And you have to tell me all about this healthy eating challenge!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Cute MJ pieces! Please share more about your 21 day eating challenge - that sounds very interesting!

  3. Love your maxi dress! What healthy eating challenge are you working on? Just did a Whole30 and it was great!

  4. What all does your healthy eating challenge entail!?

  5. I'd be curious to hear about your eating challenge if you wouldn't mind sharing!

  6. The tulip picture is so sweet! Also, I'm interested in hearing more about your 21 day healthy eating challenge!

  7. That maxi dress is so cute on you. And yay for healthy eating challenges! I usually always fail but I think they can be such a good way to kickstart new habits and do away with old ones!

  8. I love all these tulip pics with Beau! Can't wait for spring to officially stay around in DC!
    Classic Catherine

  9. I like some of Matilda Jane clothes but some of those prices-wow! Not what I was expecting! And I always forget that your links don't bring up a new page & have to open new tab & go back to your blog bc I exit when I'm through! More details on eating plan!

  10. I love the picture of you and your little one near the tulips. I can't wait for our flowers to start blooming over here! That green dress looks great on you! Beautifully Candid

  11. I was wondering if you had tried on or seen that maxi! Your MJ posts are how I fell in love with the brand so I was so curious to see your favorites of this new collection. I too struggle with the "but what if they sell out" syndrome so I think I'll be purchasing that maxi very soon! And have you seen the Delicate Topiary Top? That's fabulous too! Your style is so similar to mine so I love these posts :)


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