My Top Five Favorite Photos

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I LOVE this Show and Tell Tuesday prompt.. but I should have known I'd struggle to keep it to five photos. Gah! So tricky. I have a whole life to represent, here! :)

Y'all probably saw this first one coming.. meeting my boy for the first time. Best moment of my whole life. I'll forever be so proud that Ben captured this image. 

I love all of the photos from our pregnancy announcement, but this one is my favorite. It captures so well what we looked like at that time, our happy smiles, and I think I'll look back on the image as timeless. 

This is a random one.. in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on our second wedding anniversary. We were just about to try and get pregnant and I just think you can see the twinkle in our eyes. :) 

Modeling for Southern Weddings magazine OF COURSE had to fit in somewhere! :) 

Our amazing trip to Italy.. we found out we were pregnant on this trip, with our sweet first baby who didn't make it. I cherish these photos so much, they celebrate that life to me!

Beau's first Christmas Eve. Silent Night, Holy night!

When I found out I was pregnant, I had this image in my brain. Not exactly this one, but looking back I do think I always imagined a little boy right there. I imagined the three of us in a horizontal photo, huddled together like this. I sobbed when Meredith delivered this image to me. This image really marks in my mind the family that I have always dreamed of.

This photo just captures a real life day we'll never be able to get back. It shows so perfectly the sweetness of relationship with Ben and Beau.

My boy. This soft smile. I can't take it!! 

Beautiful Switzerland combined with a precious boy who needed a haircut... in JAMMIES. Too much sweetness! 

This girls trip to New York with my besties was one of the sweetest ever.. I was 10 weeks pregnant and for some reason just everything about this trip went perfectly. I remember it so, so fondly. I don't think we'll ever be able to recreate it.. it was such a precious time. 

This is another one of my favorite photos from Meredith. My friend Lyndsey commented that when Beau is older and needs to "bring a baby photo" for something.. it will be this one. That has really stuck with me. It's insane to me how different he already looks from this image. I'm so in denial as we approach one year old!

I had to have a Paris photo in here! Our amazing photographer captured us so relaxed and natural. I have many favorites from that day, but this is one of the top! 

Speaking of photos.. come hang out with Meredith and I for her SPRING MINIS! :) 


  1. Aww! All of these are so sweet! You three are such an adorable family! <3

  2. My favorite is of Beau on Christmas Eve! But I really love all of these!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. The one of you three huddled together is just so classic, one you'll definitely look back on for years! I love them all so much, your family really is so photogenic!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  4. Yep, all fabulous, with many more to come! Beautiful family, my friend!

  5. So many beautiful photos! You have some incredible memories captured!

  6. Amazing photos and I love the stories behind them! The one with the three of you crouched together being the photo you dreamed about brought tears to my eyes!

  7. Precious! And creeper moment - I show everyone that picture of Beau in Switzerland!! Everyone is always amazed at how much hair he is, and how cute he is :)

  8. So proud SW made it in there! That was such a good day :)


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