What's in Beau's Easter Basket

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The first personalized item that I ordered for Beau was the Easter basket pictured above. It sealed the deal that Beau would be his name. There was something so sweet about when I first opened the package from Pottery Barn Kids (basket available if you like it!) and felt the fuzzy little basket, anticipating the sweet memories that would be ahead with my boy. I didn't know what his face would look like, his eye color, his large amount of hair... those memories of anticipation are some of the sweetest ever.

Obviously, Beau doesn't need a ton. He'll be just a few weeks shy of one on his first Easter holiday. Even if he did understand, he still wouldn't need a ton.. this holiday is about the resurrection of our Savior, first and foremost.. but a few sweet pressies in a basket are fun and shadow the greater gift that we receive, life through Him!

What I discovered when putting this basket together is that for children of all ages, the Easter Basket is a great time to make some summer things that we'd probably need anyway into gifts. All the non rookie mamas are saying.. YES! Haha! :)

Swim Trunks- A must have for the upcoming summer, I see a new swimsuit as a tradition in the Strader Easter basket world! Beau will use his just a few days after Easter when we head to Florida
Board Book - A precious take on Psalm 23 by the author of the Jesus Storybook Bible.. I want to get this for every baby in my life!
The Donkey who Carried a King- This book is another one that I wish I could buy for every family that we love.. Holy Week from the perspective of a very important donkey!
Sandals - Another summertime must have.. although I can't say I won't pop these on Beau's feet before Easter in this Texas sunshine! I will just pop them right back on in the basket on Easter Sunday!
Swim Diapers- A practical fun little treat to stock the basket!
Bucket Hat- This sweet hat from The Beaufort Bonnet Company is one of the things I'm super excited about. Beau's bright blue eyes are really sensitive to the sun so I can already tell he's going to absolutely adore having this hat for the summertime!
An extra of his favorite sippy cup- I was going to get an extra sippy before our trip to Disney World just in case we loose one or something, so again.. PRACTICAL!
Mama devotional- While shopping for Beau, I saw that this devotional I've had my eye on for awhile was on sale.. I highly recommend adding this to your cart!
Sunnies c/o Babiators- As I mentioned above, this pair of sunglasses will be great for my blue eyed boy!

Mamas, am I missing anything sweet? I feel like First Easter is a precious time for an heirloom gift, but I've drawn a blank! Anything y'all remember getting in baskets as little ones that you loved? Let's be honest.. my love language is Cadbury mini eggs so I can't wait till Beau is a bit older and I can give "him" some for me... actually that's a great idea for this year!! :) 

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  1. Very cute! We do summer stuff in our baskets too! We typically do a pbk beach towel, book, bubbles or sidewalk chalk, and some treats. I definitely love the Cadbury mini eggs too :)

  2. I love the Jesus Storybook Bible so much but didn't realize there was another book--I must get it! I can't wait to see how you dress Beau for Easter!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. So cute! Easter baskets are my favorite thing to put together for my sweet Hayes. In his first Easter basket, we got him a monogrammed bunny from Peek a Whoo and it has become one of his most treasured possessions. He loves his bunny! :)

  4. We do sandals and a swimsuit EVERY year and I usually hit up the dollar spot to fill in some of the space in their baskets. I probably go overboard when it comes to Easter Baskets, but I think I enjoy filling them even more than stockings.

  5. We got a new swimsuit every years in our easter basket! Too fun!

  6. These books sounds great. I want to get my little nephew something and it sounds like those book would be good options!

  7. my mom used to always give us a movie (altho this was pre-Netflix days) and something we could play outside with - like balls or chalk, etc!

  8. Love that basket! I think doing these things for young kids is more exciting for the parent anyway, so I love all of your ideas. :)


  9. I remember getting a swimsuit in my Easter basket every year up until it wasn't "cool" for my mom to pick one out for me. ;) We always got fun summer things. Beau's basket is adorable!

  10. I do spring/summer stuff, too! Swim shirt, hat (I like the bbc Sunday: more coverage and preciousness!) sandals (that he already wears;) and outside activity (chalk, bubbles, paint, etc) His first year we got him a small New Testament with his name embossed on it and a sweet bunny and lamb (they were both so cute I couldn't pick so I got him one & my husband got him one;) and my mom makes his Easter outfit & bonnet every year. So sad he's too "old" for it now but dressing baby boys is definitely sweet!


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