Baby Beau: 11 Months

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

20.3 pounds

Didn't measure this month :)

Filling out his 12-18 month clothes.. I feel like we kind of skipped 9-12! My big sweet boy!

Sleeping well.. two good naps during the day and 12 hours at night. We've been so blessed by our sleeping boy.

We switched down to two bottles a day instead of four (which seemed like a crazy jump!) but Beau is loving much more "real" food.. everything else is pretty much the same, he's just having snacks and meals instead of bottles!

When cutting three new teeth over the course of a few days, Beau had a high fever.. but other than that it's been smooth sailing this month. :)

Teething caused more crying than normal.. 

Reading books 
bathtime, specifically laying in the water.. this little boy is going to LOVE the pool
going for walks 
trying new foods 
standing up 
practicing "walking" holding our hands 
giving sugars 
giving high fives

not getting mama and daddy's attention for too long :) 

This month Beau cut three teeth, and has started standing up on his own when leaning on things. He's getting stronger and stronger every day! At this point, I think he's going to skip crawling. It's been several months of getting so frustrated in crawl position and now he's trying to push himself up into standing position from crawling position. Ben and his two brothers, and our niece did this, so I guess it's the Strader way! Beau's also been giving high fives.. the sweetest thing ever. 

Places You’ve Gone:
  • Cousin Meg's Big Sister Party 
  • to meet your new friend Walker Hardwick
  • to gender reveals for your sweet friends Ella and Laurel, we can't wait to meet them in August! 
  • the salon for your 10th haircut (yep!) 
  • Big Granny's for a Spring Break Playday
  • back to Texas Tulips for one last time with Nolan and Harper 
  • your first wedding, visitation, and funeral 
  • your first ever egg hunt, with home group friends at Granny and Pops



  1. So sweet! I think our son is going to skip crawling too! He would much rather stand up with either our help or by holding on to furniture. He's never been a huge fan of his tummy - except oddly, when he's sleeping. Can't believe Beau is almost a year old!


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