Beau's 1st Birthday Wishlist

Thursday, April 20, 2017

I've had a few people asking about birthday present ideas for Beau.. and honestly coming up with ideas is kind of hard! Here are a few things that I thought might be sweet, but I'd love to hear recommendations on sweet gifts for a one year old! :)

Activity Cube- I feel like I should have honestly already ordered this for Beau.. he would love it so much and needs something to keep him entertained when he's on the floor. He has a similar concept at Ben's parents and he loves it!

3 in One Book- I read this to my friend's daughter the other night and loved it.. The book is essentially explaining the trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) to kids using an apple as the metaphor. So good!

Stuffed Lamb- This is a pricey stuffed animal.. but the purchase provides 10 meals for a hungry child. I love the look of this sweet little fella, and also the heart behind it! I've had to really hold in not ordering this myself, haha!

Counting Blocks- I thought these were extra sweet, and not too hard on the eyes 

And of course, we always love anything from Cecil & Lou or The Beaufort Bonnet Company!

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