Disney World: Day One

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Before I get into a more detailed breakdown... let me start with saying that Disney World exceeded our expectations. I knew it would be fun and magical, but I don't think I wrapped my head around quite how fun and magical. I would have enjoyed several more full days.. but our four day vacation felt fun, relaxing, and was a perfect retreat. If you're interested in Disney, I'd highly recommend reaching out to our Disney travel agent, Andrea. She was amazing and you can read more about why we worked with her here. You can also read about why we chose to take Beau to Disney World for his first birthday. I think I want this to be a family tradition now.. it was that good. 

We had a 7:40 am flight and Beau was asleep before takeoff.. we left the house at a little after 5 and the plan was for him to stay in jammies and stay asleep on the car ride. He woke up when we moved him and he was awake and alert until we were settled in our seats with our Dunkin Donuts. Side note: I love fast food breakfast with my whole heart and LOVE Dunkin Donuts Egg White Veggie Flatbreads. I'm ridiculous I know, but they are YUM! 

Before Beau's first flights (across the pond, too!) I wasn't at all intimidated or afraid. I was confident that a 2 month old would be sweet on a flight.. but almost one year old was another story! I didn't stress about it a ton because I knew we had backup having Ben's parents come with us, but I wasn't sure what to expect. Beau did great though! He ate breakfast on the plane, took a cat nap, and honestly just sat pretty still in our laps. He went to snuggle with his Pops for the last 30 minutes or so of the flight, and we took off his dirty pajamas and let him play! He loved it. I truly think that Beau picks up on social situations when he needs to be on his best behavior. At a coffee shop with me and close girlfriends? He's going to be a wiggle worm and grab for everything.. but an airplane or nice dinner? HE KNOWS. The first time we experienced this was at a silent meal in Lake Como, Italy.. we get such a kick out of it to this day! 

We stayed at the Cornado Springs Resort and LOVED it. Even up until we got to the resort, I wondered if I would regret us not staying on the monorail for convenience.. but the busses were honestly fine and I don't know that we wouldn't stay at the same place for all future trips. The resort was laid back, beautiful, and overall just a great fit for our family. When we arrived, Beau was greeted with a birthday button, and people (cast members and other guests) stopped to wish him a Happy Birthday often! It made it feel extra special. 

We settled in, changed into our swimsuits, and headed to the pool for Beau's first ever swim. One detail we LOVED about staying on property was the Magical Express and the luggage service. Our transportation to and from the airport was provided as part of our stay, and we checked the luggage in Dallas and it was delivered to our hotel mid afternoon. We had our swimsuits and another change of clothes in our hand luggage. We're pretty set on only wanting to stay on property for Disney trips. IT was amazing and all of the perks were very well worth it. 

Typing this out now I don't want to forget how wonderful these times were! The resort was perfect for this. We headed to the pool after we changed. 

Also notable is that we purchased the UppaBaby umbrella stroller before the trip. We LOVE our full size UppaBaby vista.. but we needed a nice umbrella stroller for around the resort. It's been amazing and already worth every penny! 

Beau's swimsuit found here

By the time we got to the pool, Beau was snoozing. We ate an easy lunch while he napped and then once he was awake we hopped in to let him see what he thought. 

I should note that Ben has become extra paranoid about protecting our skin from the sun, haha. :) 

Beau really enjoyed splashing around, and then we went to a quieter pool by our room to swim around for a bit before heading up to the room for nap and some quiet time. 

When Beau woke up, we changed into our dinner clothes and took the bus to Magic Kingdom, and then got on the monorail. We had dinner reservations in a few hours at Ohana at the Polynesian and I wanted to stop there for an afternoon dole whip and then go check out the Grand Floridian hotel too.

We walked around by the pool area and took a few photos and just enjoyed the beautiful weather, before hopping back on the monorail to go explore the Grand Floridian. 

So, I want to move into this hotel. There were so many beautiful details around every corner. A live band in the lobby, wedding portraits going on, etc. Even the bathroom was beautiful! 

Outside the hotel was the perfect spot for some family photos, which we loved! 

My Earrings (under $15 as they are trendy and shouldn't be an investment at all, in my humble opinion!) 

After our little photo session, we monorailed back to the Polynesian to wait for our dinner reservation. Our hostess was an Aggie who was doing a Disney internship.. so that was fun! Beau took his bottle in the stroller and then fell asleep. We had an 8:15 reservation which was late, but allowed us to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from our table since we were seated at the window. They even played the music that went along with it inside.

It was perfect! We had already had such a sweet day, and we hadn't even really ventured out too much yet! I would highly recommend Ohana as well.. everything we ate was SO good, and it was an all you can eat place. We were starving when we got there and we left happy and full! 


  1. How exciting!! I'm so glad Beau enjoyed himself. :)

  2. Beau seriously makes the best faces. I really can't help but smile with him. I'm so glad that travel went so well!! I love how many family pictures you are able to snag when you travel!

  3. This has me wanting to go to Disney so bad! It looks like staying onsite is 100% the way to go!

  4. I loved this post. I am reading this on my anniversary, yesterday was my boy's 1st birthday, my own birthday is at the beginning of April... if that isn't enough of a reason to just DO IT and plan a trip next spring I don't know what is! I literally almost have tears in my eyes from the excitement. Can't wait to read about the rest of your trip!

  5. I LOVE seeing Beau's sweet little smile in all of the photos!!!

  6. Ah, this sweet post made me so nostalgic! My husband's family regularly went to Disney each summer growing up and the tradition continues today. Your family looks like they had the best time and Beau's hilarious expressions have me laughing out loud! Thanks for sharing your family vacation with us. :)

  7. I have so many things I want to say about this! First, love your bathing suit--where is it from? Second, Beau's outfit and sandals are the cutest things ever!! And third, a girl from my old church works at the Polynesian restaurant and she does the desserts!!


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