Easter Weekend

Monday, April 17, 2017

I hope everyone had a sweet, encouraging, and restful Easter weekend. I'd say we did! I have looked forward to Beau's first Easter for a long time, so it felt surreal that it was finally here! 

Ben had Good Friday off, which was so nice because he usually doesn't. We had a late night Thursday night celebrating the gender reveal of Baby Jones! Beau's going be surrounded by lots of pretty ladies in August, because two of our good friends are both expecting little girls! Friday morning we ran a few errands, and Beau enjoyed his first few tastes of Chick Fil A! He was literally grabbing for the tray which is very unlike him.. he's usually just "meh" about most food! Too cute!

We were greatly in need of some rest time and we sure had it.. Saturday was sweet and slow before we had a birthday party that night. We also had breakfast with family friends.

A little Armadillo booty for our Texas boy! 

We also discovered that Beau's favorite food is lasagna.. haha! Like I mentioned above, he's mostly just whatever with foods.. but he LOVED this! It made me hopeful that we might have a successful cake smash in a few weeks! 

On Sunday Beau was all ready for Church and time at Big Granny's in his Easter best. My precious boy! 

Duck noises from Uncle Zac were what got us a smile out of this little fella for a family photo! We had the sweetest day with family and friends! 


  1. Beau's face at Chick fil a is my face every time I eat there!!!

  2. Love those armadillo jams!! Also, we have recently discovered that June is a BIG fan of slapstick humor, and the best way to get her to smile for a photo is to pretend to trip or bump into a wall :)

  3. Beau know's what is up with Chick Fil A! ;-) Glad you had such a sweet Easter weekend.

  4. Such a sweet family photo! Beau looks like such a big boy standing up!!

  5. I love that Beau was all about Chick fil A - a little one after my own heart. He looks so sweet for his first Easter - so fun!

  6. Beau's face with that Chick Fil A is priceless!! Too cute. And he looks so handsome in his Easter finest! :)

  7. Beau is so precious! And I'm with him on Chick Fil A. :)


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