Why We Had a Gender Reveal Party

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This week, one of my friends changed her mind about finding out the gender of her baby mid pregnancy. They wanted to wait until the birth, and then went the total opposite direction, and in their 22 week sonogram decided they wanted to know their baby's gender and find out with friends and family at a reveal party. Everyone's preference is about what's right for them, but this whole situation has caused me to reflect on our own gender reveal, and why we chose to celebrate this milestone with friends and family.

I should first note that we did gender reveal differently than some.. Ben and I found out at the sonogram and then just revealed the gender to our family and friends. This was Ben's preference, and he asks for very little (ha!) and so I obliged this detail. I never really considered the other way because it wasn't really ever an option, if that makes sense!

For us, the gender reveal meant a lot of things.. but it was hugely a celebration of the people who supported us and Beau. We had had our miscarriage less than 6 months before, and I had the worst morning sickness of all time. Literally all of our friends have seen me throw up I feel like. Oops. So this felt like a really fun way to show people that they were important to us, and that them knowing our child was a big deal to us. 

The sweet faces of joyful surprise! You can tell by our body language in the photos that we already knew the news.. if I hadn't I would have probably been hysterically sobbing. Especially because Ben had just given a little speech thanking everyone for their support and love. The day that Beau was born was the best day of our lives.. and knowing that he was a boy on that day didn't take away from anything for us. Revealing before hand just added another best day to our roundup. I was on cloud nine after this reveal and celebration. That night our youth pastor (who also married us!) and his wife shared that they were expecting their fourth baby, too! That was another sweet thing because I have always been really close with their three girls. Before they moved I spent hours and hours with those girls. They soon found out that they too were expecting a boy! I'm majorly digressing here.. but the takeaway here is that this party was SPECIAL. 

I had kind of decided before we even found out Beau was a boy that I didn't want to do another gender reveal unless we already had both genders of children.. maybe it's just me but I felt like people are expecting you to have more feelings about the gender of your child after you already have one, and I don't want to feel like those expectations would be in our face haha. But even writing about this, it makes me have a slight change of heart. We'll see.. but it would also be fun to do special different things for lots of people in our lives. Who knows what the future holds, but I'm really grateful for the way we did it first time around.

What do y'all think? I feel like everyone has such precious experiences either way! At the end of the day, you're getting a baby, and that is a sweet blessing! 

All these beautiful photos by Zac and Kaitlyn Photography, who will be at Beau's birthday as well! 


  1. I LOVE gender reveals!!! And I think you are so right in that they are also a way to celebrate the couple and show support....especially since y'all experienced grief together, too. I wish I had been able to come!!! This summer, right?!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. We did the same as you where we found out in the sonogram room, and then revealed just to our immediate family by cutting a cake. We didn't do one for Lincoln, just told our family in person and I posted a reveal on my blog. We have ALL grandsons and hew as #4, and honestly after hearing everyone tell me for months that they just KNEW he was a girl, I didn't want to do a reveal and see disappointment over the gender of my precious babe! I have already decided that if we have #3 (which would be it) I would be committed to being surprised until delivery! I would like to experience that ultimate surprise once!

  3. I would definitely want to do a gender reveal party, and I like how you found out together beforehand. Then you get two special moments - the one with just you and your husband and then another special time friends and family.

  4. I think you're exactly right that people do have some sort of expectation that you should want (or they want you to have) the opposite of what you already have the second, even third time around. There's also the feeling that people just don't care quite as much or are less excited for you after the first baby. I actually felt like people thought we were ridiculous for having a gender reveal for #2 but since having a miscarriage with #3 recently I realize more now than ever that EVERY pregnancy and EVERY baby should be celebrated with the same excitement as the first.

  5. Gender reveals weren't a big deal when our kiddos were born but for our second baby, we let the sonogram tech whisper it to our first born so that he could be the one to tell us. He was a little over 3 years old at the time and loved being the one that knew first! But, he said he always knew it was going to be a sister! :)

  6. I loved your gender reveal party! I've never pictured to have one myself, but after seeing yours it made me want to have one! I say to heck with the people that put "expectations" on you to have a certain gender. Like you said, at the end of the day a baby is a blessing regardless of its gender! ;) I would love to see more gender parties of yours in the future!


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