Beau's First Birthday Cake Smash

Monday, May 22, 2017

I really wasn't ever set on wanting to do a cake smash for Beau, a lot of the ones you find on Pinterest just aren't really my style. But a few friends of ours had done it and kind of overnight without thinking about it I decided I wanted to go for it. I'm SO glad we did. Because of Beau's sweet little, God ordained thumbs (if you're new here, the tips of our boy's thumbs look like they've been broken off towards the side, and he'll have surgery to correct it within the next year) he doesn't do super well with finger foods or get a ton of practice. He can make maybe 2 out of 10 attempts into his mouth with foods. He grabs them in his palm and then has a hard time getting food into his mouth. All of that being said, I didn't think he would even reach for the cake. I had every expectation that Meredith would take a few photos of him sitting there in front of it, and then I would feed him some or pretend smear some on his face, and call it a day. BOY was I wrong, haha! We barely got one photo without him starting to grab right at the cake. He then leaned right into it for a bite, and just went to town. The consistency of the icing and cake made it really easy for him to eat. My precious boy just makes me want to cry! This may seem like a silly thing, but for us it felt huge. It was so FUN to see him enjoy a meal that he fed himself. Using the word "meal" might be a stretch... But he loved it and cake smash is now a Strader family tradition! If you're wondering, he did just as well if not better at his birthday party a week later. :) 



  1. So sweet! I'm loving the picture of him just diving in face first! :)

  2. okay these are the CUTEST!!! Is it weird i'm obsessed with your precious boy, because he is just SO cute!

  3. Just curious, is he seeing an OT? I'm an OT with pediatric experience. Your dr may wait until after sx if even needed! He seems to be doing fine, from what you share here! Plus, if reach for yummy cake too!😋

  4. So sweet! I love that first little look after he leaned in..he looks so proud of himself!! And now I want some cake.

  5. I love that he just went head first into the cake! That is so what I would do haha! I love the idea of cultivating traditions in your family around certain holidays and I cannot wait to do this with my family!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. So sweet! I love the pictures of sweet babes covered in cake, I just can't handle the adorable overload!

    xoxo, SS


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