Happy Birthday, Darling Boy!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Beau William,
One year with you has made me the happiest mama in the world. In your sweet first year of life, we have seen the highest of highs and the scariest of lows. You have taught us to trust God in deeper ways than we could have ever thought possible. Of all the adventures we've been on, the memories that mean the most with you are the most mundane, just seeing your precious smile as you discover new things. I'll never forget your first laugh, or the first time you sat up, your first time in the nursery at church. You have done nothing but exceed my expectations since the moment we met you. You made my transition into being a mama the most wonderful year.. I couldn't have dreamed up better in my head. I wish so badly that I could go back to the day you were born and see my sweet newborn boy one more time, but there is much joy ahead. I can't wait to get to know more about your precious personality. I can't wait to teach you to be brave and kind. I can't wait to see you walk and talk and discover the world. You are so loved, my baby boy. You will always and forever be the baby that made me a mama, my darling little prince. 
Love, Mama 


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Beau! And, happy birth day to you, Victoria! Enjoy - motherhood is a journey filled with good days and bad days but how awesome is our God that when looking back, it's far easier to remember those filled with joy! Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  2. Happy Birthday, Beau!! He is so precious and it's hard to believe he's a year old already!

  3. I love this! He has had such a wonderful and impactful first year that I can only imagine what his life will be like!

  4. Happy birthday to precious Beau! I so hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating that sweet boy :) Your love for him (& your whole family in general) is so evident in your posts-it's so uplifting and inspirational to read! Can't wait to see how Beau grows and changes in the future!

    xoxo, SS


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