Bits of Victoria: 10 Weird Things about Me

Thursday, June 15, 2017

This photo was taken in Vatican City, on vacation after we snuck through a door with a tour group and skipped a lot of long lines. Thought I was rebellious and needed a photo to commemorate. :) 
1. Flies are the absolute worst thing in the world to me. I'm constantly begging Ben to kill them in the summertime. Once I was laying in bed reading on my phone and Ben turned the lights out so one flew at my face because of the light on the screen and I almost died. When I know they're in the room I can't hear anything but their buzz. Yuck!

2. I used to be really good at doing laundry. Like REALLY good. I never once would let clothes sit on the floor or even in the dryer. I'd take the clothes out and immediately fold them and immediately put them away. Then Ben and I got engaged and I magically became slow at laundry. You can't even argue that now because I do laundry for two more people it's easy to get bogged down, because for 7 months of engagement I became horrible at laundry. I'm constantly trying to change this and speed up the process, but with so many steps I'm good at starting and not completing this project.

3. My #1 pet peeve is people treating servers and employees poorly. It infuriates me when people forget that the person taking their order or whatever is a real human being with a name and feelings. This isn't actually a weird thing. But what's weird is that I didn't feel like I could make this list without including it. What's weird is that I feel like it's my life's goal to tell people this reminder and hopefully change their behaviors. :)

4. I get really enthusiastic about things, and very quickly. A specific example of this is last year's Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I bought this sweater poncho and tried it on and fell in love with it and took a selfie and sent it to multiple people saying I loved it.. decided it was my #1 pick of the sale, I'm pretty sure I even blogged about it. It really was a super cute sweater... but then I returned it because I couldn't justify that I would wear it enough for it to be worth it. I was ALL IN on my sweater, but then returned it. Who does that? I'm crazy.

5. I'm very passionate about a modest swimsuit. I don't care at all about what other people wear.. that's your choice to make.. but for some reason with swimwear I want to be as covered as possible. I've considered rash guards but have heard they're hot. Many of my friends think it's weird that I've never worn a bikini in my life. Even a tankini isn't my favorite. I'm 1000% team one piece. I know so many of you are laughing at this, haha! A few years ago, when Ben and I went to Italy, I had been working out a lot and felt really confident, and thought that it would be a great time to try a two piece suit. When else would be appropriate than on the Italian Coast with my hubby? Thought about it for about 5 minutes and then decided against it. :)

6. My favorite possible characteristic in a person is for someone to be "easy to be around".. I just love when you don't have to overthink a conversation or anticipate the next transition or whatever. I love people who just make you feel at ease and are extra fun!

7. I like expensive pajamas. I feel like most people get their pajamas somewhere cheap and just go on with their lives but a few years ago I made sure that my pajama collection is on the nicer side and now it's an addiction that I don't think I'll escape any time soon. My thought is that if we spend $$ on nice clothes we'll wear less often.. why wouldn't we spend more for great quality things we wear literally every night?

8. I don't do group work outs. NOPE! I see workout groups of moms in our neighborhood and think for a hot second that I could enjoy it.. but working out is my private time. I don't want people to look at me, much less interact with me. At the gym I like to be totally by myself. Nothing in life is better than an empty gym. I ALWAYS time visits based on low traffic hours when I know not many people will be there. This was actually a habit I had to consciously try to break when I was pregnant. I always felt like it just wasn't smart for me to be pregnant on cardio machines with not a single soul around, so I never worked out unless other people were present. Any kind of non cardio activity ALWAYS happens at my house. Most people say they can't push themselves without other people, but I'm afraid to push myself in front of other people. I've literally made myself throw up from a hard workout in our living room before.

9.  Several of the people I talk to every day I met online, through this very blog. The first time I met Nicole in real life I took a plane and planned to stay at her house for a few days. I realize this sounds so crazy to non blog people.. but I'm so grateful for the way these friendships have been formed in my life!

10.  Once when Ben and I first got married, I sat down on my college full bed that was in our guest room at the time, and cried for a long time "mourning" my childhood. I have no desire to go back to not being an adult. I LOVE being an adult. There are just a lot more perks than childhood. :) But I felt like I had to mourn that change. Since then I've totally let it go.

And, one for good luck. :)

11. I have a weird desire for our family to be complete. I know I should soak up the sweet time with Beau and whatever future children we have and just let it all play out, but ideally I'd have a multiples pregnancy or adoption and call it good. I just want to know all the names of my babies and call it good. :)

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  1. Dillon and I got married last Saturday and I felt an unexpected mourning of my own childhood amidst all the joy when I realized that we are the adults now - so thank you for sharing #10! I'm excited to settle into this new season with him. I'm also starting to appreciate one pieces too! I purchased the sweetest seersucker and gingham J. Crew one piece this season and it's the most well-made, comfy swimsuit I've ever owned!

  2. I feel the same way about mourning childhood, but it didn't hit me until now, when we're about to have our first baby! I do love being an adult, and I hope it will continue to always be as fun as it is now once baby arrives. :)
    Classic Catherine

  3. I've never really thought about liking the characteristic of "easy to be around," but now that you mention it, I totally agree!!

  4. The hard thing about childhood is we so badly wish to grow up, and then we look back and realize how great it was. I had a summer in high school where my friend and I had sleepovers every night, stayed up way too late, ran around rollerblading and swimming every was seriously the picture perfect summer and I am sure I didn't appreciate it at the time! I FULLY agree on treating waiters well-I served for a year in college, and since then have always made it a priority to be as friendly as possible when we go out to eat!

  5. First off I love your blog! Your style is darling! Second, I'm totally with you on the modest swimsuit! I love Lime Ricki swimwear because they have modest swimwear that covers everything and I bought this speedo swim skort thing (way cuter than it sounds) because I don't even like the back of regular swimwear (hello wedgies! haha) I know I'm weird, but I can't help it! Also, I'm currently in the revamp process of my pjs. I have some from when I was in like middle school...and I'm in my twenties now! lol! You should do a post about your favorite jammies! I would love that! :)

  6. LOL! I'm with you on the one piece swimsuit. That's totally my jam, too. It's crazy too because I used to compete in pageants... so I don't know what's actually changed in my head but I'm a one-piece kind of girl. ;)

  7. So I was 29 when I got married, so my "childhood" had passed a while before that. And I was ecstatic to be a wife and didn't for one second "regret" marrying my husband. BUT...I remember about a week after the wedding, I sat in my car in the garage and cried for like 10 minutes. I think it was just SUCH a major life change and there had been so many emotions and stress going up to the wedding. I just needed a release. Ha.


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