Disney World: Day Four

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Our last morning at Disney was SO great. The weather was kind of overcast which made for amazing photos and slightly cooler temperatures. It was Monday, so there were less people. It really was wonderful! 

One of my father in law's good friends (they've been friends since high school.. maybe even before actually!) and we ran into their family so we of course had to grab a quick group photo.

We started the day with a bunch of castle photos! We took some, then Beau fell asleep, then we watched the welcome show (the photo below!) and then actually after the show when everyone made their mad dash to the rides was when we got our great family photo (above!) 

Walking through the castle.. Beau loved!

Another one of Beau's favorite rides was Winnie the Pooh! I know y'all are probably sick of photos of my baby looking at rides but that sweet little attentive profile absolutely kills me! 

Disney just plain wore our sweet little bub out!! 

He also enjoyed It's a Small World, one of my favorites from childhood!

We chose Buzz Lightyear as our last ride, and Beau fell asleep (again.. lots of little cat naps this morning which is totally not normal!) so we headed to main street for some last minute treats before heading back to our hotel to check out. 

Favorite photo of our boy from the trip! 

And one last group shot.. our trip to Disney really was all that I could have ever hoped for. We loved every second and are already eager to return! :) 


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the castle pictures! It's gotta feel great knowing that you'll have those photos and memories forever. Looks like a fantastic time! :)

  2. Cutie shorts!!!! Are these the Ann Taylor ones? Also Beau = perfection! Love you, friend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. such thing as being sick of seeing Beau's sweet little face when he was enchanted with the things around him! I loved every single one!

  4. These photos are just precious!!! What a sweet time!!

  5. So sweet! And of course Beau had the perfect Disney outfit! I'm so glad you had such a great trip.
    Classic Catherine

  6. Love the picture at the end! The photo pass photographers always have the best ideas!

  7. Beautiful photos! What fun memories you all made! :)

    Amy @


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