Disney World: Day Three

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It's my goal to finish up our Disney posts this week.. life has been busy and kept me from blogging (and emails... eek!! if you've emailed me I promise I'll get to it asap!!) and these posts need to be finished up! For our third day at Disney World, the plan was to start the morning at Animal Kingdom, and then spend the afternoon at Epcot. It was SUCH a good day. I think a huge part of that was because we really had no idea what to expect out of these parks other than a few random things we'd like to do.

By this point, we felt like old pros on the bus. :) 

When we arrived at the Animal Kingdom, our goal was to book it to Kilimanjaro Safaris to avoid waiting for a long time, since all of our fast passes were for that afternoon at Epcot. We were wooed though, by the line to get a family photo in front of the tree of life. Speaking of family photo, this day of the trip I had ordered us all matching t shirts, which are honestly my favorite ever. Wish I could wear my minnie mouse "mama" shirt all the time. Ben says I should, haha! But anyways, we loved this! And, because Beau was the only child, it felt extra special for his birthday. 

Our family of three in front of the tree of life!!

Our group photo with all our matching shirts!

Keeping hydrated with our mugs from the hotel!

On the safari and excited to see the animals!

Doing the Kilimanjaro Safari is one of the things that I vividly remember from visiting Disney as a child.. and it was just as great as I remembered. It feels like a real, incredible safari. So well done!

The safari was too much for the little bear, who took his morning nap on the go!

Upon waking up, we had some time to kill before watching the Lion King show, so Beau played some drums!

We also found a fun photo spot! 

The Festival of the Lion King show is AMAZING. Seriously, SO good. And we were pleasantly surprised that Beau was really into it!! It was so precious watching him enjoy the show in awe of the colors and music. This right here was what made the trip worth it, seeing our boy enjoy himself. 

We then grabbed some quick lunch and headed over to Epcot!

 Our first fast pass was for The Seas with Nemo and Friends, but really that fast pass wasn't super necessary because the whole park was pretty dead when we got there! Which was AWESOME!

Look at that boy, so unsuspecting that he's about to become obsessed with Nemo. This was one of the most fun things for us, Beau LOVED everything Nemo. We ended up going to turtle talk with Crush too just because Beau loved everything Nemo related. 

He was TOTALLY enchanted by the rides where you're moving around through the scenes. It was so sweet!

Here's Beau paying great attention during Turtle Talk. 

And a family pic in the clam shell. Blurry pic that I cherish because of how much fun we had on this ride. I literally had tears streaming down my face at how joyful Beau's reaction was!

Then we set off for our Frozen fastpass, and to enjoy the World Showcase!

There was time for a quick nap though!

This pic on the frozen ride CRACKS ME UP!!! They had told us to "beware of splash" and clearly we thought we were on splash mountain, not getting a tiny splash of water. haha!!! 

After walking through the world showcase, we met Minnie, Mickey, and Goofy! This moment meant a lot to us because of the symbolism of Mickey Mouse for our family. 

So much fun!! We were ZONKED at this point (5pm!) so we headed back to the room for showers, a quick service dinner at the hotel, and early bedtimes before our last morning at the happiest place on earth! 


  1. How adorable that he loved Nemo so much!! The Finding Nemo show at Animal Kingdom is amazing, too! Our little one was only 4 months old when we went to Disney - I can't wait to take him back now that he is a little older!!

  2. I've been thinking of upgrading my one year olds stroller. We just have the Grace click connect that fits his car seat, but it doesn't offer the smoothest ride on our walks through our neighborhood. Just wondering what you thought of the city mini you rented? Or do you have any other stroller recommendations?

  3. This is my favorite! Making me wishing I were planning a Disney trip soon!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. This post is so fun! It's so fun watching children experience the joy of things. Beau looks like he is having the best time in all of the photos! What a fun & special trip and adventure for you all! *hugs*

    Amy @

  5. I LOVE those matching Mickey shirts!! Where did you get those made? I've been soaking up all your pics of Disney! So sweet! The Safari is high on my list! We may have to plan a trip pre-kids! ;)

    All the best, Abby from

  6. I LOVE your matching family Mickey shirts! Where did you get those made? Your pics are making me want to plan a trip even though we are pre-kids! ;)

  7. Beau's sweet little excited face!! We might be headed to Disney in the fall with my family (first time for any of us, other than Dave!), so I'm happy to see that even a one-year-old can enjoy it so much!

  8. I love all of Beau's little smiles in all of the pictures! Y'all got some of the most precious family photos, they should be on a Disney advertisement! Also, LOVE y'alls matching t-shirts!!


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