June Goals

Friday, June 2, 2017

Just like that, summer is here! Summer has never really been my favorite season, but this year, I'm seeing it through new eyes. There are so many fun outdoor activities to do with Beau, and I can't wait to make summer a sweet time for him. In several ways, I don't know what the summer will hold, but I'm looking forward to the sunshine, the watermelon, and walking through the days ahead with my boys.

May Goals: 

  • celebrate Beau's Farmers Market Birthday with friends and family 
  • celebrate the sweet marker of Beau's first birthday together as a little family 
  • prep for our next trip, in June, to Asheville, NC
  • enjoy some chill family time after our nonstop few weekends 
  • celebrate my first Mother's day with Beau in my arms, not just my belly! 
  • do a quick spring cleaning of our hall closets 
June Goals:
  • Quick Family getaway to Nashville + Asheville
  • finish a spruce up of our back porch 
  • finish a spruce up of Ben's office 
  • make a list of recipes I want to try this summer 
  • with Ben home for summer, get into a better work out routine, 3 days a week of purposeful exercise 
What do y'all have planned this month? Also, we'd love any Nashville or Asheville recommendations! 


  1. White Duck Taco in Asheville is to die for! We went in December and I still dream about their tacos.

  2. Asheville!!! When will you be there? I'm guessing you have already seen my picks, but I second White Duck Taco being my number one must do. Nashville + Asheville - such a fun combo!

  3. I just went to Nashville with my mom and we had so much fun!! My first recommendation would be to rent an airbnb instead of a hotel, you will save upwards of 300 dollars. One morning we did the Hermitage plantation (Andrew Jackson's home) and it was so beautiful to walk around and see inside the house. I would say to plan on wearing or carrying Beau so that you can see the upstairs of the house, or at least bring a more portable stroller and park it outside the house before you go in. Aside from the Hermitage, we really enjoyed the Pinewood Social, a cool coffe shop/restaurant with a bowling alley in the back. The country music hall of fame museum was fun to tour as well as the grand ole opry. Across from the opry is the opry mills mall and there is an aquarium restaurant that would be so much fun with Beau. It's definitely not a 5 star restaurant but it was fun. Sticking to the topic of food, out favorites were the Batter'd and Fried Boston seafood house, which is across the river and had the best oysters I have ever had and great specials every day, and Taco Mamacitas, which is closer to Vanderbilt than downtown but it's still close enough and they also had amazing food and great specials. If I think of anything else I will leave another comment but I think that covers it!

  4. I wrote an entire blog post on Nashville on my blog, but I highly recommend anything in the 12 South area! It's so family friendly and perfect for walking around, eating, shopping, etc. this time of year!

    xoxo, SS

  5. Sounds like you are going to have a fun June! Enjoy your little getaway! My goal is to get 7500 steps a day this month. So far so good, lol. Ask me again in 25 more days!! :)


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