Nashville + Asheville Trip: Part Two

Monday, July 10, 2017

You can find part one, here. On to our day at the Biltmore! We chose to enjoy the property at our own pace over doing any sort of tour. We thought Beau might enjoy it more that way. :) When I looked up tickets, I found that because we were visiting on Father's Day there was a discount, so my ticket was full price and both Collin and Ben had $25 tickets. Also because of this it was apparently a busier day, but it honestly wasn't crazy when we were there, I obviously can't compare it to another day though. :) 

Thanks to Collin for the photos of us randomly walking around while we didn't know photos were being taken, haha! 

Note: I get a lot of questions about what stroller we bring when we travel, and for this trip we brought our umbrella stroller. Because there was a lot of in and out of the car, but no need for a lot of storage on the stroller, it was a perfect choice. 

I also got a lot of questions about the dress I'm wearing.. it's last season from Anthropologie but here's a similar one that I LOVE but couldn't justify buying because it's so similar! 

I don't know if it was just the time of year we were there or what, but we weren't incredibly impressed by the gardens. The greenhouse was obviously stunning, but the actual gardens themselves weren't looking as well kept as we expected. 

After getting our fill of the House, we drove over to Antler Hill Village. Our goal was to visit the winery and buy a bottle or two as gifts. 

Beau was LOVING riding in his carrier! :) 

We had originally decided to skip the free wine tasting because of Beau, but then got over there and realized there was absolutely no reason to do so, it was a super laid back environment. 

After finishing the tasting, we ate lunch at a quick pizza place and hopped back on the road for Nashville. It stormed for most of the second half of the drive which was actually kind of nice because it cooled us down so much. 

Random photo from the trip but I noticed around this time that Beau was getting some little curls around his face and I LOVE them. :) 

Monday morning we said goodbye to Collin's house and packed up to go stay with the Teasleys. We spent the morning in Franklin, and then the boys had a goal to do some cliff jumping. 

After cliff jumping, I mentioned in passing loving seeing Amelia's Flower truck on instagram, and Collin said that he was friends with the girl who started it and remembers all of her ideas and conversations about starting it because she was dating his roommate at the time. So we headed off to find one of the trucks and have a little photoshoot of course. :) 

We then arrived at the Teasleys and went out to see their beautiful new land! Meredith and I always talk about all of the fun things we would do if we lived in the same place. Hanging out on this land is one of them. :) 

After a fun night, we were headed home the next morning! Beau was wiggly at the end of the flight so we entertained him by "reading a story" of the airline magazine. He LOVED it!! Haha! :) 

If you're looking for more legitimate recommendations, I also blogged another trip to Nashville, here. :) 


  1. Beau's expression while he is in his little carrier is just so sweet! I LOVE seeing how much you guys travel with your little guy -- we hope to do that as well!

  2. Beau's little face is so cute. I love how happy he always looks! What a cutie!


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