Three Things

Monday, July 17, 2017

My friend Sarah posted this little survey a few weeks ago, and I thought it would be an easy, fun little post to put up while we're away. :) It also reminds me of my friend Lisa's post on "Five Things Always in My Fridge" which was written some time ago but I really enjoyed it!

Three things I'd never give up
blue + white stuff (HA!!!!)
my love for personalized art

Three favorite vegetables
bell pepper (now I'm hesitating.. these aren't fruit are they?! HA!!)

Three shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill

Three places I want to visit inside the US
Nantucket, Massachusetts
San Fransisco, California
Seaside, Florida

Three place I want to visit outside the US
South Africa
Italy a million times always and forever more :)

Three things I always have with me
my phone
a hair tie
usually a little boy :)

Three things that are always in my car
extra diapers, wipes, + snacks (in my console)
a swiffer duster (newly adopted tip from lots of people online)

Three most recent calls were from / to
My friend Kayla
My friend Tiffany

Three most often used makeup products
Mascara (I like this one + this one + this one)
Blush (current favorite in "rose" + always favorite)
Eyebrow Pencil  (I use the color taupe because I once heard from a makeup artist that it works on almost every skin tone!)

Three things that make me laugh
Old episodes of Parks and Rec
Puns. I LOVE puns!!
my baby laughing

Three things that make me cry
Thinking about my boys
Military family reunion videos
Disney World- the magic is just too much for me!!!


  1. The things that make you cry...yes, yes, and YES! Exact same.

  2. This is so fun!! My husband keeps trying to get me to watch Parks and Rec with him!! Maybe I'll give it a try!! Haha!! Have a great Monday!!

  3. I love posts like these -- it makes it easy to get to know the blogger a little better!

  4. Nantucket is on my bucket list too! And of course Italy! Your Europe travels have made me want to visit even more!! I just blogged part 1 of our recent Seaside Fl vacation. I think you would love it there!!

  5. Gilmore Girls! YES! I was a One Tree Girl to until Peyton and Lucas left the show.

    Swiffer duster in the car. That is pretty genius. Definitely not something I would think to have in the car but I can totally see the benefits.

    This was fun! I may do it on my blog as well :)


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