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Monday, August 14, 2017

Hi! A few housekeeping things.. two of my best friends had babies last week, AND because when it rains it pours, I had a crown done at the dentist and it got infected. So life has been all over the place and posts haven't been consistent. Email replies are even less consistent. Be on the lookout for changes in both. If you've emailed me, I'll be getting to it asap. I literally have two emails from one of my favorite people ever (Hi Patty Anderson!!!) and am feeling rotten about needing to get on top of things. Hopefully this week, pending this dental situation which is the most non glam thing ever. :) 

Brighton, England has become our home away from home over the past few years. It's where our family lives, and we were so eager to get there after our "meh" time in Brussels. We took the lunchtime Eurostar and arrived at St. Pancras in London. I won't lie.. our love for London nearly made us grab a taxi and head for Hyde Park. But Brighton was calling our names so we bought our train tickets and navigated to the platform for the southbound train. All of it went a lot smoother than I could have imagined, with all of our luggage and whatnot. But by the time our train arrived in Brighton we are SO glad to be able to smell the sea, it was a long day of travel!

My aunt and cousin had an event in London that night, and my brother who was staying there also while golfing in the UK was driving back from a tournament. My grandmother met us at my aunt's house and made us dinner. Beau was so excited to cuddle his Great Nan! 

It was also so nice to get Beau a bath after our long day of sitting on trains!

Nanny made us some English food.. shepherd's pie and "toad in the hole" which was basically sausages in pastry. 

The next few days are honestly a beautifully restful blur. Lots of just spending time with our people and resting. Beau getting acquainted with Benson (the sweetest dog!) 

It was so weird to see my brother driving on the "wrong side of the road" haha! 

We went to the Brighton football stadium for a gift shop run, and Beau enjoyed playing around. 

The beach of stones is one of the most beautiful places. Not as fun for Beau to play in as the sand, but still really sweet. 

Of course we stopped for a cookie at a charming bakery after a lunch out :) 

My cousin Josh and his gorgeous girlfriend Hannah drove down from London to see us for dinner and we were SO grateful to get some time with them. 

Beau LOVES Hannah!!!

One of my favorite photos from the trip!

All the family photos below are probably not that interesting to y'all but they mean so much to me! There were many years of life when I didn't get to see these people and now feel so close to them and it's such a blessing!

.... and the next morning we were headed to Spain together! :) 

PS the top I wore in a lot of these photos has become my absolute favorite, it can be found here


  1. I cannot believe you didn't tell me about your tooth! How awful! and I love these pictures--Brighton seems perfect!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. It's so neat you have family over in Europe! Also... I feel your pain (or, I will soon) I have to get a root canal Friday followed by a crown next week. Fun times!

  3. Rest and recover...e-mails can wait! I LOVE seeing the outline of Beau's foot in the photo of Nan holding him in his jammies :-)

  4. What a beautiful trip and time to spend with your family. And I just have to say Beau's smile for the camera KILLS me..he knows when to pose and it is adorable!

  5. I hope your tooth feels better soon! I've had to have a ton of dental work done this past year because of a similar situation and it's definitely not a favorite-praying for a quick and full recovery for you :) Also, your baby is seriously the most photogenic little boy I've ever seen!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  6. Um, that beach of stones would be #dreamz for June - she is obsessed with picking up rocks at the moment :)


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