Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Let's not beat around the bush here. We didn't love Brussels. Haha! We originally were going to spend our time in Bruges instead, but it just worked out better to stay in Brussels. Looking back we should have maybe tried to make Bruges work but ya live and ya learn. :)

Why didn't we like it? There just wasn't a whole lot of charm or anything super amazing to check out. I really hate to say that we didn't like it.. it wasn't terrible. But it just wasn't our favorite. We were only there for about 26 hours and I wouldn't have stayed there for more, at all! One thing that was nice was that by far our biggest hotel room was here, so we got to spread out and rest and relax. After our little Amsterdam adventure in cosleeping it was soooo nice to have a crib for Beau and a giant carpeted room for him to spread out in!

This photo was right when we arrived and Beau was as happy as can be to be off the train and having a large space to move around. 

The view out our window was incredibly sweet!

Some Brussels graffiti! 

One spot I had heard about online was Peck 47.. and it was only like a ten minute walk from our room. Super hipster vibe, but it was fun and had delicious, fresh food! 

After our lunch we went back to the room for Beau's nap.. and then emerged to explore a bit and get a Belgian waffle!

So.. this little statue of a little boy peeing is the main tourist attraction of Brussels. Hence my lack of falling in love with the city, haha. The appeal is that on some days they dress him up, like on this day, when he was clearly a shepherd. This made it a little more exciting but I still wasn't completely jazzed. We didn't even stop walking. 

I also have to say I think I had too high of expectations for this waffle. I didn't eat a ton of it. I wish I would have just gotten it plain with some powdered sugar! 

It was HOT.. and the places we walked too were honestly pretty underwhelming. So that night we ordered room service and rested. Which was awesome and maybe what we needed but we were ready for the Eurostar in the morning! We've now taken the Eurostar 4 times and it's always SUCH a pleasant experience. We loved it! 

Beau was just so excited to be in England and getting closer to his family! :) 

... more about that in my next travel post!



  1. I can see why Brussels was a bit underwhelming, but at least now you can say you've been and explored! The food didn't look too bad! :)

  2. This is so good to know! My husband and I are flying to Paris in October (my aunt/uncle did HGTV house hunters international in Paris) and they are letting us stay in their apartment for free. We want to take the train to several places and Brussels was a possibility but now maybe we will rethink that... we definitely plan to take the Eurostar to London for a few days but do you have any recommendations for train rides from Paris otherwise? If you have time shoot me an email! :)



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