Friday No. 67

Friday, August 4, 2017

No. 1
I'm going to do an updated skin care routine post soon.. but I had to tell y'all. I changed the cleanser I used and it has truly changed my life. I kept reading about big time sponsored post bloggers talk about Tula skincare.. and I was interested but moved on with my life. Finally I tried this supposedly amazing cleanser and it has truly changed my skin from the inside out. I feel weird saying this but in the photo above I have no skin makeup on and honestly feel like my skin now has a truly healthy glow to it. It's completely balanced the overall texture of my skin and I'll never use anything else now. I honestly saw change in the first week of use. On our trip I was just using the cleanser, but since we got back I've been using the day and night cream, and the exfoliating mask. The combined results have been amazing but the cleanser is what's truly worth its cost for me!

No. 2 
Last week, after being inspired by my friend Nicole, we had a few friends over for a last minute "Christmas in July" party. We had breakfast for dinner (Christmas morning!) and decorated cookies and watched Elf, all while in our Christmas jammies. It was so fun and so low key and wonderful. It made me so excited for real Christmas! I played Christmas music and lit a Christmas candle leftover from last year and it's amazing how festive it felt! 

No. 3 
Beau has recently discovered that it's funny to stick out his tongue, haha!

No. 4 
Two "firsts" in our lives lately. Beau got his first ever sticker at Target and it truly hurt my heart! He's getting so big and it's so sweet to see him enjoy things. Look how proud of his sticker he is!!

Another first.. we kept both our niece and nephew for the first time (our nephew was born in March!) and having three little ones in our house made us so happy! It was so fun and crazy keeping up with them! 

No. 5
Somehow I ended up on the nothing bundt cakes email list.. haha!! I saw that their monthly flavor is funfetti and about died. I NEED to try this asap!! Haha! 

No. 6
I've been on a reading spree like crazy lately.. I've read like 10 books this month no kidding. I'll do a reading update post next week, but my friend Kassidy just recommended this book and I've never heard of it so I wanted to see if any of y'all have read it!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! We're celebrating sweetness all weekend long... today and tomorrow are wedding weekend festivities for our friends Sarah and Dillon, and Beau is their little ring bearer. Be prepared for me to blow up social media with photos of our boy in a TUXEDO. I DIE!! And on Sunday we have a gender reveal party for some sweet friends and their first little one. Such a sweet time! :) 

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  1. How fun to do a "Christmas in July" party! What a cute idea!

  2. Your skin looks so good -- I need to check out that cleanser!
    A Christmas in July party is so sweet, I love that idea!

  3. Beau is so cute sticking out his tongue! I have not read that book but have seen others review it and they loved it! You will have to do a book review soon because I always love seeing what others are reading! :) I have been reading like crazy here recently too! I just finished The Dry (thanks to Reese) and The 8th Harry Potter book that I had been meaning to read for awhile! Oh and I finished the final book in the Selection series!

  4. Christmas in July sounds wonderful! Seeing the picture of your Christmas tree gave me all the feels!!! And side note, have you posted a tour of your new home? The couple pictures in this post are lovely! Would love to see how you decorated each room. :)

  5. Love the Christmas in July inspired by Nicole ! I always thought that was the sweetest idea. Also, I just finished "One of Us is Lying" by Karen McManus (Young adult book) and it was SO good! Kind of like a murder mystery Breakfast Club haha. If you're on a reading kick, I highly recommend it. Definitely get it from the library though :)

  6. I am so excited about Nothing Bundt Cakes getting funfetti-those cakes are seriously the best!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style


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