Friday No. 68

Friday, August 25, 2017

No. 1 
I'm the type of person that buys all my seasonal children's pajamas the second that they hit websites because I'm crazy and afraid that what I want for Beau will sell out. Love me through it. 

No. 2
One of the first blogs I ever read Love Taza (formerly The Rockstar Diaries, haha!) recently went to Barcelona and I was so excited to see that they sat at the same table we did at Brunch & Cake a few months ago. Here's my photo evidence. :) A little bit silly but kind of cool! 

No. 3 
We've decided to make Ben's office an office/playroom. It just seems like a good fit for us in this season to use that as a shared space.. so I'm brainstorming the way we want to decorate the space to make it a sweet area for Beau but also somewhere that Ben can relax and work in the evenings and early mornings. Examples like the photo above from My Texas House are really inspiring me! 

No. 4 
Y'all probably know that one of my favorite blogs to read is Shay Shull's Mix and Match Mama.. I've LOVED her Eats cookbook and I'm so excited for her next one on crockpot meals, Simmers! It will be perfect for our busy fall! These books are so easy and great for busy families.

No. 5
I did this workout this week for the first time and LOVED it. 15 minute sweat sessions that make you sore are GOLD for a busy mama.. am I right? I also feel like this isn't a HIIT workout that you can't do. Some are like okay do a minute of jump squats take a ten second break and then do a minute of jump tucks. Not realistic for a beginner or even a non beginner sometimes, haha! This one is totally do-able!

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  1. Those sweet! And, no shame -- thank you for the reminder that I need to get on the ball before they're all gone!

  2. You're so great at doing workout videos... I've GOT to implement this in my life. Also... looking at those cookbooks now!!

  3. I have so many Fall outfits lined up for my baby girl already, I cannot wait till its "acceptable" for me to start putting her in them. I have been stalking all of the baby clothes sites for the new adorable stuff.

  4. If you hadn't mentioned it, I would have thought that playroom was already in your home! Totally your style!

  5. I love the festive Jammies! I wish adults could still appropriately wear holiday jammies besides Christmas! lol


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