Our Time in Nerja, Spain

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Our time in Nerja was phenomenal. It's a really meaningful place for some of our family and so it was a huge joy to get to experience it with them. It felt so relaxing to have a full blown beach vacation in the middle of our trip exploring lots of other cities. We always say that we don't go on vacation, we take trips! Haha. But this was such a fun time just relaxing and being together in such a beautiful place.

Our family has owned this house for around 20 years and it is so gorgeous!

It was really nice for Ben and I to take turns being "off the job" haha. 

Look at these little curls!

Our boy discovered a full blown love of the pool on this trip! 

The two photos above are from our dinner view one night.. totally unedited. Gorgeous, right??

Loving family dinner :) 

This might be my favorite photo of Beau of all time. Just look at his little face! 

Loving his time with his cousin Pheebs!!

Nutella and Mint Chocolate Chip.. always the best choices! 

After a night out we were all happy to set back into the slow rhythm. Spanish people stay up late and take long afternoon naps. We were happy to jump in on this. Ben and I felt like we were switching off napping over and over haha! 

This little pumpkin got some naps too!

Even laundry is gorgeous in Spain! It was SO nice to be able to do laundry twice while on this trip. It made all the difference when traveling for so long with Beau. Many things in our suitcases we didn't even wear. Also, do you notice Beau has a theme in his colors, haha!

We spent one full morning at the beach and then topped it off with a paella lunch! This was one of the best days. Experiencing the beach with Beau was such a sweet time. 

It was so fun getting to vacation with my brother.. something we haven't done since we were tiny!

Cuddle naps under the big umbrella!!

Possibly my favorite photo from the whole trip!

All over the place there were people selling "fake" things and my brother was wanting a pair of fake ray ban sunglasses that are the exact same as his real ones.. haha! Just to wear in places he might loose them. I ended up getting these bc he made a deal for 15 euro for both haha!


Back at the house cuddling! 

For our last night, we drove up to Frigiliana and walked up to the top for some amazing views. This city reminded me of what I imagine Greece to be like!

And in the morning we were off to beautiful Barcelona! 


  1. Love you and Beau in your matching gingham! And I've got to go to Spain! Looks so amazing!

  2. Oh how this makes me miss my time in Spain during college! The tiles, the colors, the calm. I have to admit that as a 20 year old I did not embrace the calmness of Spain as I should have. I tried and was successful sometimes but it was tough for a 20 year old! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Beau's little gingham swim diaper cover / swim suit is so adorable! Love that he already has a signature style -- I hope to do that with our kids, too!

  4. So beautiful! Beau's style is so stinking cute! You dress him well!


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