September Goals

Thursday, August 31, 2017

September is here! I can't remember where I read this this week, but someone was commenting on how September isn't their favorite because it's supposed to feel like Fall, has all the sweet newness of Fall, but you're still sweating in the Southern heat. Very jealous of those of you who get cooler temperatures a bit earlier. :) I'm really excited for the upcoming weeks and getting back in the swing of routines. I feel like I've spent a ton of time with my head in my planner (launch day is September 6 if you want to snag one!) planning some wonderful things for the next few months for us. Lots of sweet holiday celebrations including a Fall fellowship with our home group, riding the "Polar Express" as a family, taking a weekend girls trip with two of my best friends, celebrating our five year anniversary with a trip to San Fransisco, going to a wedding in Kansas... the months ahead are filling up and I am so excited! What do y'all have planned for the fall? My goals for this month are simple and few.. but I need it that way, haha!

August Goals: 
  • 3x a week workouts 
  • Celebrate Sarah & Dillon's wedding with Beau as ring bearer
  • Celebrate Ben's 27th Birthday 
  • Welcome BABIES!! Two of my besties have baby girls this month!! 
  • Attend and don't cancel MY doctor's appointments 
  • Swim as a family 
  • blog all or a lot of our trip recaps
  • love on our boy as he has the first of two upcoming surgeries 
  • study Galatians as Nicole leads a sweet study didn't keep up with this near as much as I desired!
September Goals:
  • Attend the womens Matthew bible study at church (such a privilege to be able to sit under Jen Wilkin's teaching!) 
  • Order a Roman Shade for our dining nook 
  • Begin Christmas Shopping 
  • keep doing a load of laundry a day 
  • get back on track with meal planning 


  1. What does Christmas shopping look like for you this early in the year?

    1. I'm intrigued about this as well -- could you do a post on how you Christmas shop?

  2. I'm all about early Christmas shopping-I've already picked up three gifts so far! It's such a blessing to spread out the purchases over the course of the year (& be able to shop sales!)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  3. I would love to see what you start buying for Christmas gifts :)

  4. Having a calendar filled with fun activities is the most exciting way to start this season! (Loving your new blog design!)

  5. I'm excited to hear who you use or what you find for a roman shade. I need a couple for our house. I put one up in our home office, but it doesn't raise and lower correctly.... and my husband pulled all the way down, so now it's super dark in there. GRRRR.


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