Traveling to Spain & A Stop in Seville

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I'm trying to wrap up all of our travel posts over the next week or so, so bear with me on that, haha! This post seems kind of weird to be a complete post but our next stop has SOOOOO many photos that I needed to break it up a little bit. 

The night before we left we went old school and printed off google maps and then my aunt handwrote directions to our destination. They have a house in Spain and it's been such a sweet part of their family story for almost 20 years. We were so excited to get to travel with our family and see this place that means so much to them. My older cousin had to work, but my younger cousin and her boyfriend, my aunt, my brother, Ben, Beau, and I all were Nerja bound!! 

When we booked our trip we decided instead of flying straight with them to Malaga (close to Nerja) we would fly into Seville, stay the night, and drive. But once we had been spending so much time with family we decided to just spend a few hours in Seville and then hit the road. I'm really glad we made that call. I'm sure we would have loved more time in Seville, but it just really worked out well. 

After a very early taxi, 4:30 am, followed by our flight, we had arrived in Sevilla!!! 

I like when you deplane on stairs, makes me feel fancy

We arrived in Seville, got through customs and whatnot, and then had a big hiccup with the rental car. My dad had been helping us with some planning and had booked the car for us so it was technically in his name although we were supposed to be on the account to pick it up. So the lady said she couldn't give us the car. So we asked if she could make us a new reservation right there and cancel the other one and she said they don't take day of reservations because they might not have cars available. Basically she didn't want to help us at all. Meh. So we rented from another place after a few others also didn't have cars available. The original place ended up covering the cost of the car we ended up with for our inconvenience. 

We drove through Seville, stopped for lunch, and then decided to explore the Plaza de Espana! It was beautiful and we had so much fun, even though it was very hot and we were honestly ready to get on the road. We're so glad we stopped to see this beautiful part of Seville.

We then drove our few hours to Nerja, and enjoyed some podcasts on the drive. When we arrived, we were SO pleased to see that my aunt had arranged for a high chair. After feeding Beau in our laps for a week.. this was AMAZING!!

And what better way to recover from several hours in the car.. we hopped in the pool! XO 


  1. WOW that part of Spain looks beautiful!

  2. You have amazing adventures, and you consistently get the BEST photos!


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