Weekend Recap: Weddings + Babies

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It's been a busy "long weekend" at our house. I say long weekend because fun festivities started for us on Thursday, and continued through Tuesday. Although Monday I had a crown done at the dentist.. which was not fun and has left me recovering a lot more than I thought it would. I've slept so much and been so sore.. misery!

On Thursday morning Ben's Granny hosted one of her "play days" where she plans a fun morning for all of her great grand babies. It was so fun getting all the babies in the pools and it's crazy how much more comfortable Beau is getting in the water. 

Friday started wedding festivities for my dear friend Sarah! I know her from my sorority in college (Kappa Alpha Theta!) and her twin sister is my little. I was so honored that Sarah chose to ask Beau to be her ring bearer.. and with this she included me in all of the wedding party festivities which was so incredibly kind of her and meant the world to me. 

After the bridal luncheon, I ran some errands with Sarah's sisters.. two of my favorite people in the world! Usually wedding weekends are crazy but I feel like I got so much quality time with Megan (my little) and their other sister, Julia, who is headed to A&M in just a few weeks. That quality time was so precious to me! 

Meanwhile, Ben and Beau were having guy time and I loved getting photos like this to show that they were having a blast. I don't have any photos from the rehearsal dinner, but it was wonderful. Beau and Ben came to the rehearsal and then left the dinner early when Beau was past his bedtime. The rehearsal was filled with beautiful stories about the couple. I already adored them, but their sweet families and friends made me love them even more. 

Saturday morning was wedding day! I woke up at home and went for a quick manicure before joining the group at the hotel for the getting ready process. It was such a sweet day with some wonderful girls. I hope Sarah felt so loved. She was truly the most stunning bride EVER! 

I'm obsessed with this candid photo of Julia and I hugging! 

The wedding went smoothly and was beautiful! Beau did a great job walking down the aisle (aka being walked down the aisle by his mama!) and stayed quiet and sweet for the majority of the ceremony. We snuck out right before the vows mostly because he started rubbing his eyes and I was afraid of him making noise.. haha! 

Just look at this beautiful wedding party! :) We got a photo with the bride and groom and I'll share that and some more once she gets the wedding photos back.

My wedding date :) photo taken by my other wedding date! I was just beaming with pride over my two boys. 

We ended up not staying too long at the reception as Beau ready for bed.. so we caught up with my grand little for a minute, took some photos, and then headed home. 

Sunday morning we slept in.. Beau slept until NINE!!! Clearly this boy was tired from two late nights in a row. Sunday afternoon we attended a gender reveal for some friends who will welcome a baby BOY in January. 

Monday morning I had my dental work.. which was terrible. I got home and slept all afternoon, which I totally didn't expect. My appointment was at nine and I was still numb until about 4pm. I then watched the Bachelorette finale with two friends and let me just say I thought it was a huge letdown. I think she settled out of just wanting a ring and it really left a bad taste in my mouth. However I will never give up this show, haha! 

Tuesday morning I got up early to go see my friend Rachel before her 7:30 am c section for her sweet little breeched baby. :) Laurel Beth Jones is one of the most gorgeous babies I have ever seen! I cannot wait to see her grow up. She has the best mama. Rachel has been such a support to me since having Beau. She always helps me with him and has cut his hair every month (and mine! Haha!!) but last fall when we did bible study together and I kept Beau in the room with me.. I can't tell you how helpful it was having her with me. I can't wait to do the same this fall except with me holding Laurel. :) The photo below is a great example of Rachel.. and hour after her c section asking to hold Beau haha! Don't worry... we quickly realized this wasn't a great idea and I took him back. :) 

That's what we've been up to! :) It's been a really sweet few days of celebration! 


  1. Did you cut your hair? The shorter length looks AMAZING on you!!

  2. All of the wedding photos are beautiful, Beau made such a cute little ring bearer!

    xoxo, SS

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