Emily Ley Simplified Planner 2018 Launch

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Today is one of the days that feels like Christmas in our house.. Emily Ley's 2018 launch!

You might have read about it in this post, but I'm incredibly loyal to this brand. I've bought a Simplified Planner for the past 4 or 5 years, Beau's beautiful baby book is EL (there's now a gorgeous blush version for sweet baby girls, too!) , and I just plain love what this woman and brand stands for. Grace not Perfection.

I really detailed my love for this planner and this brand in this post I wrote for the academic year launch, so check that out if you'd like, but really this is my PSA that these planners often sell out within 24 hours so I would order, and quick. For anyone interested, I ordered a fancy floral weekly and have been OBSESSED with it. I seriously look forward to every time I use it.

Go get one! Do y'all have any tips for how to keep your planner especially organized? :) 



  1. Oh my goodness I'm SO excited and trying to decide whether to hold out until Christmas or not haha

  2. I'm ordering mine this morning -- love her planners!

  3. The absolute best!! I've also been using mine for 3 years and cannot wait for my Fancy Floral Daily to arrive - all the way in South Africa x


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