Iceland: Part Two

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I'm so excited to wrap up our Iceland memories! We had a leisurely morning at the hotel before heading out for "town" to go whale watching! Looking back, this wasn't a good idea for a little baby! The water was SO rough that you could barely walk and so we should have done the "puffin excursion" where they take you to go see puffins instead. Haha! 

We decided the best route would be to baby wear.. not realizing it was going to be so miserably cold and crazy that Beau would have to stay below deck at all time! 

Ben was super chill about seeing a whale and said he was good sitting with Beau so I could try and spot some! 

We did take Beau up for a bit.. but honestly just for this photo haha! Ben stayed below deck with Beau and I went up to brave the cold to see a whale! I chose a spot and committed.. and sure enough I ended up being the person closest to several sightings.. I'm talking giant whales probably 30 feet from me. It was amazing! I soaked it in and went to go tag in Ben for him to go see... and uh oh! He was EXTREMELY sea sick and was like "take Beau I can't do this!" haha. So he spent the rest of the time trying to calm down. They had medicine available on board but he didn't want any.. so Beau and I snuggled and took some selfies! 

Once off the boat Ben was doing much better.. so we set out to explore Reykjavik and get some lunch! 

I had heard great things about Kopar, and we decided to eat there even though we probably could have found some more laid back, Beau friendly places. Pictured above is their bread with licorice butter.. surprisingly delicious! 

We got seafood soups and sweet potato fries and raspberry cheesecake. The raspberry cheesecake was a little blob and the best thing I've ever tasted in my life. It was sprinkled with a fancy, better tasting powdered sugar and I was in heaven. 

Random side of the road flower photo that looks like Icelandic bluebonnets that I'm not sure how it made its way in here. 

We then went to the concert hall and checked out the beauty of this unique building. 

After our morning of adventures we went back to our room to let Beau get a good nap. Then we had plans to drive to a few more sights but ultimately just went for a nice drive, got dinner, and packed up our things for our flight out the next morning. 

Iceland really was one of the most amazing places we've been to.. so incredibly unique. We loved every bit of it! Our last big trip as a family of three. :) 

Our Family is Growing!

Monday, October 30, 2017

We shared some exciting news on social media over the weekend...

We are expecting our second precious little one this Spring! Just three days before Beau's second birthday. We are so grateful and excited. With both my other pregnancies (with Beau, and our loss) it felt so REAL. I felt so pregnant. But this one has felt incredibly surreal. I don't know if it's because I already have a baby in my arms or what, but it's been crazy!

Friday No. 71

Friday, October 27, 2017

No. 1 
 This week we had Beau's big trip to the hand doctor to check on his sweet little thumbs. Since he was born, I've anticipated him having surgery to correct the small misconfiguration before the age of two. On Tuesday we made a major change in his plan of care, one that ultimately I think will be really good for our family. I'll share more soon as we process and let friends and family know first, but I have no reason to not share what's going on. What I will share now though, is that they said as far as the things that could be wrong with the thumbs, his issue is really minor. He's really adapted with it so well on his own. I am so proud to be this boy's Mommy!

No. 2
I feel like lately I've been talking about skincare with everyone! Since I've started using the Tula face cleanser my skin has completely changed.. I've converted several friends who have loved it! :) If you follow this link, you'll get 20% off your first purchase of over $30.. and you need to make part of that the face wash!

No. 3 
I've decide I would like to start collecting silver frames. Haha. Talk about a random tid bit. But I love the classic look of all of them together like this. I never have any shortage of photos that need to be displayed!

No. 4
Last week I shared this sweater that I love, and the fact that I wished it was in stock in gray... my friend Kayla called me and was like "um hello it is in stock!" YAY!! Ordered that so fast. I thought I'd share it again since it arrived yesterday and I can't wait to wear it to some of our Halloween festivities. I might wear it ON Halloween actually, since it's supposed to be cold here. That will be SUCH a nice change since last year we were sweating on Halloween!

No. 5
I've been considering doing meal planning a month at a time.. has anyone done this or have any tips or information? :) I've thought about it before but we're in a busy season of life that I really think could benefit from it! I've read a few blog posts but I'd love to hear from you about how you meal plan. 

Happy Weekend!

All of my Friday posts can be found here.


What's Up Wednesday: October 2017

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Monday night we had BBQ chicken in the crock pot, and yesterday we had a long day at Beau's yearly hand doctor appointment.. so take out it was!

This time last year I had a tiny baby pumpkin, and we were hosting our sweet friends the Coles after they adopted baby Campbell!

FACE MASKS PEOPLE! And all the cozy things!!! Our joke at home is that I am "modeling cozy" because every night I've been getting into comfy jammies, my ugg slippers, and snuggling up with a face mask. We've had a lot going on lately and I've been exhausted and retreating into my cozy world has been the most wonderful thing!! If you have any favorite face masks.. I'd love your recommendations! I'm a newbie! :)

Also if you're wondering why I have a photo of myself like this it's because it was at our home group girls gathering haha! 

Our home group welcomed another sweet baby, Asher! I love doing life with these ladies and all their sweet little ones! :)

Beau and Ella cheered on the Aggies together! There is something so sweet about seeing your baby and your bestie's baby snuggling together! :)
I had the sweetest time at Bloom Bash! :) 

... and celebrating Julia and Amanda's Theta Initiation! 

So don't judge... but we had dropped morning nap after Europe, close to 15 months.. then Beau had his surgery and afterwards he just started falling asleep. So he had been napping in the morning some, but the last few weeks he was napping just terrible bc he couldn't properly have both. So last week I decided it was the end and one of those days I suddenly looked down and Beau had fallen asleep on the floor. Poor Bubba!!! He's now officially kicked it, though! :) 

My sweet boy LOVES his books!! He's been loving his two Halloween books lately! :) 

We pumpkin patched with our dear friends!

Look at these sweet babies in a wagon!!!

The other day we were picking up lunch from a local bakery after Beau had gone to the pediatrician (hence the jammies!) and the leather chair was cracking Beau up because he thought it was a slide... he couldn't get enough!

We went to the local fish fry and had so much fun seeing so many local friends! :) 

Not anything at the moment! :)

I have a long list of holiday prep.. Halloween baking this week, just ordered Christmas cards, I want to finish my Christmas shopping here pretty quick. 

All of the fun things in the next two months of HOLIDAYS! I'm getting so excited thinking about Christmas and everything festive.. but I have grown to love Halloween, and Thanksgiving is so close to my heart too. Speaking of.. I briefly thought I wanted to take a year off of cooking traditional Thanksgiving food and would do an Italian theme. Ben was fine, and two of my besties were like NO YOU CANNOT. Haha! They said it's not fair to the people coming and depending on their one time a year to eat Thanksgiving food and pointed out my love for cooking Thanksgiving. I do really love it, but thought it might be fun to mix it up. I think what sealed the deal for me is realizing that this year Beau can actually eat the food and that would be really fun! What do y'all think?

I'm on a bit of a reading hiatus.. watching Counting On, Grey's, Scandal, This is Us.. TV just isn't super great these days to me! But a few weekends ago when I had the stomach bug while recovering I binge watched Riverdale on a whim and LOVED it. I'm a sucker for a high school setting and it was really unexpected for me.

9: WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: not really anything. :)

First... okay boys if you're on my blog this is the time to stop reading! Yesterday I purchased my first bralette. This is wild for me!! I need more support but saw one while out shopping that looked like it would be supportive as well as comfy. Have I been missing out my whole life? I'm going to wear it tomorrow so I'll keep y'all posted haha! And another wild change is that I purchased a leopard print scarf. It might be the cutest thing ever and I'm SO excited about it!

On Friday night we have a fun pumpkin carving party, and the rest of our weekend is pretty clear!

12: WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH: Fall continuing to unfold, the weather finally feels like Fall here!

13: WHAT ELSE IS NEW: Not a whole lot! :)

Bonus question this month:  What is your favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish? This is hard.. probably stuffing because it's so unique to Thanksgiving. I've tried a new recipe every year, but last year's was a keeper for sure!!


Sarah's Birthday Wishlist

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

You might be thinking... what? Haha! My friend Sarah mentioned how much she loved my gift guides last year and that she really wished that she had one for this year for her birthday. The more I thought about it I thought about how fun it would be to do! My sweet friend is a new mama to a precious baby girl and lives in Washington DC with her husband who works on the White House media team and has a very interesting instagram. No matter what you think about the current administration (this is literally the only politically oriented statement that will go on my blog ever!) you can't argue that it's interesting to see instagram snaps from someone working there!

So there's some background information on them and their cute selves and the mindset I was in while shopping for her. :)

Joggers- I've been super intrigued by cozy joggers lately. For slightly cooler temperatures they would be so cute with a tee, denim jacket, and tennies for out and about.. and just plain cozy for cuddling a sweet baby at home.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Face Mask- Face masks have become a small addiction of mine recently. After long and busy days there is nothing that relaxes me like a good old mask. I had this one recommended to me and I LOVE it! I put it on before bed and you don't have to wash it off or anything and it makes your skin feel so luxurious. The perfect treat for a new mama on her birthday! :)

Monique Lhullier for Pottery Barn Rose Gold Photo Frame- These are so unique, classic, and beautiful.. even with the trendy finish. I think that a 5 x 7 would be perfect for Sarah to put a favorite photo of her sweet girl. If you like the style, but want the more classic silver finish, those are available here.

Every girl needs some jewelry on her birthday wishlist. :) I like this delicate initial necklace (in "L" for her daughter) and these classic drops in clear for the upcoming holidays, and this classy twist on the tassel earring trend.

I'm so excited for the upcoming release of Emily Ley's new book, The Simplified Life, and it would be a perfect gift for Sarah!

Scalloped booties? YES. I wish the price point was a little lower on these, but Jack Rogers does last forever.

My number one gift pick for Sarah is an "O ring"... this giant keyring seems frivolous but it is the BEST gift for a mama on the go. It can serve as a chew toy for baby (Beau loves to wave mine around still!) and it's easy to find in your purse. I also love having it on my wrist when we just run in somewhere. It seems like such a random thing but it's one of those that once you have it you don't know how you ever lived without it.

These are a splurge for slippers but there is a reason they sell out every November. They are the perfect gift and are incredible quality. I just know Sarah would wear them daily while DC is oh so chilly!

Iceland: Part One

Monday, October 23, 2017

Beautiful Iceland!! Truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It's such a unique place to visit. Coming from busy, warm Barcelona.. I couldn't have been more excited to experience Icelandia. The second the plane landed I was hooked. 

This photo was taken at about 3:00 am when we arrived and were getting into our rental car. I'm so glad I grabbed this photo. It was so weird to be arriving in the middle of the night, to a completely new climate. Something about it felt really magical and I don't want to forget it. We had very tired eyes, were snuggling our boy to keep him warm, and were ready for our hour long drive to our hotel to check in and get under the warm covers as soon as we could! 

I wasn't sure how Beau would do when we arrived, because I thought he might think it was time to wake up. He for sure hadn't slept a full night of sleep.. but you just never know. He did SO well and shortly after we arrived to our hotel room, he fell asleep in his pack and play. We had the biggest, coziest down comforters and cranked up the heat and closed the blinds and slept. It was some of the best sleep ever. Should probably stop blogging about good sleep or will be forever considered weird. :) 

When we finally woke up we showered and got ready for a day exploring "The Golden Circle".. it was so fun to dress Beau up in his sweet rain jacket that my college roomie got me when he was born! The Golden Circle is a circular route from Reykjavik that takes you to some beautiful, natural landmarks. If you're headed to Iceland, google it! Bus tours do it but we rented a car to drive it ourselves which was essential! 

After a little bit of driving we just wanted to stop and get out and enjoy. I have never seen such beauty, and it truly could not be photographed. I remember feeling like this in Switzerland, too! 

It was REALLY windy and I wondered if I hadn't packed warm enough! 

Beau is literally buried in that blanket haha! 

This stop also held our first look at some Icelandic ponies! There were only two and I knew we'd see more later, but they are so beautiful!

Back in the car for our next stop!

We stopped at the place where the European and North American tectonic plates meet. It made me think of the scene from A Walk to Remember where they were "in two places at once" and that made me so happy! It was such a fun and beautiful area. There was also a ton of government history that took place here.

This stop was one of the reasons you should do trip research! I read about this local farm on a blog.. you could stop and eat at their restaurant and get ice cream. Everything is made there. The name is below but all Icelandic seems like total gibberish to English speakers. :) 

You sat and overlooked the cows below! The burgers we got were INCREDIBLE. They had a few "wild ones" like a skyr burger and a peanut butter and jelly burger, but we got more traditional ones and they were amazing too. Yum! 

Thumb sucking boy loved it too! They had IKEA highchairs at a lot of places in Iceland which was really nice. 

Right across the street from the farm was a large group of beautiful ponies. I was afraid to get too close with Beau for some reason... AND THEN MAMA INTUITION PLAYED OUT!!

This is actually a photo of a horse BITING MY ELBOW. Yes! It hurt so bad! It really took us by surprise too. They were so nice and so gorgeous but after that I kept my distance! Ben wasn't scared though haha. 

Next stop.. geysers!!! 

The two shots above are screenshots from the video I took. This was such an incredibly cool thing to experience. Like nothing else I've ever experienced! This area had a lot more tourists and the sun had really come out and we were ready to get back to more remote areas!

With my boy at the beautiful waterfall!

Again.. such a unique and beautiful place! As you can see, there were rainbows everywhere. By this point we were ready to get back to our room and let Beau rest and rest ourselves! We had slept but not enough and we were ready for a take out pizza from the restaurant below our hotel and cozying up in our room for an early bedtime! :) 

Breaking up this part of the trip because it's so photo heavy! Part two coming later this week! :) 
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