Friday No. 71

Friday, October 27, 2017

No. 1 
 This week we had Beau's big trip to the hand doctor to check on his sweet little thumbs. Since he was born, I've anticipated him having surgery to correct the small misconfiguration before the age of two. On Tuesday we made a major change in his plan of care, one that ultimately I think will be really good for our family. I'll share more soon as we process and let friends and family know first, but I have no reason to not share what's going on. What I will share now though, is that they said as far as the things that could be wrong with the thumbs, his issue is really minor. He's really adapted with it so well on his own. I am so proud to be this boy's Mommy!

No. 2
I feel like lately I've been talking about skincare with everyone! Since I've started using the Tula face cleanser my skin has completely changed.. I've converted several friends who have loved it! :) If you follow this link, you'll get 20% off your first purchase of over $30.. and you need to make part of that the face wash!

No. 3 
I've decide I would like to start collecting silver frames. Haha. Talk about a random tid bit. But I love the classic look of all of them together like this. I never have any shortage of photos that need to be displayed!

No. 4
Last week I shared this sweater that I love, and the fact that I wished it was in stock in gray... my friend Kayla called me and was like "um hello it is in stock!" YAY!! Ordered that so fast. I thought I'd share it again since it arrived yesterday and I can't wait to wear it to some of our Halloween festivities. I might wear it ON Halloween actually, since it's supposed to be cold here. That will be SUCH a nice change since last year we were sweating on Halloween!

No. 5
I've been considering doing meal planning a month at a time.. has anyone done this or have any tips or information? :) I've thought about it before but we're in a busy season of life that I really think could benefit from it! I've read a few blog posts but I'd love to hear from you about how you meal plan. 

Happy Weekend!

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  1. We meal plan for the month! We designate each day as a certain type meal like Monday-Chicken, Tuesday-Crockpot, Wednesday-Pasta, etc. and that really helps. We don’t shop for the whole month but I create a list for each week at the beginning of the month and just have it ready on Sundays when we shop. I love doing it this way!

  2. I meal plan for a month in advance and I shared a post early this month about how we do it! I still shop weekly and, like Jamie above, we have themed nights, too -- Sunday is breakfast, Tuesday is crockpot, Wednesday is leftovers, etc. It makes my life so easy and NOBODY asks me what is for dinner -- it's taped to the fridge. ;)

  3. I plan breakfast/lunch/dinners by the month! It is my best trick. I can grocery shop so much easier/Sams trip once a month. Plus during the craziness that is football season + the whole Coach Husband working an hour away now + life I have a solid plan that works.

  4. I have done a month of meal planning before - I found it was a little hard to stick with it, because things come up, or you don't always want what you planned, but overall it was nice to get done. I think it will be even more so when things are super busy and you don't want to have to think about things!

  5. I have ALLLLLL the silver frames and I totally love them. I just need more places to put all of them because I still have more from our wedding gifts that need to be displayed. ;)


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