Iceland: Part One

Monday, October 23, 2017

Beautiful Iceland!! Truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It's such a unique place to visit. Coming from busy, warm Barcelona.. I couldn't have been more excited to experience Icelandia. The second the plane landed I was hooked. 

This photo was taken at about 3:00 am when we arrived and were getting into our rental car. I'm so glad I grabbed this photo. It was so weird to be arriving in the middle of the night, to a completely new climate. Something about it felt really magical and I don't want to forget it. We had very tired eyes, were snuggling our boy to keep him warm, and were ready for our hour long drive to our hotel to check in and get under the warm covers as soon as we could! 

I wasn't sure how Beau would do when we arrived, because I thought he might think it was time to wake up. He for sure hadn't slept a full night of sleep.. but you just never know. He did SO well and shortly after we arrived to our hotel room, he fell asleep in his pack and play. We had the biggest, coziest down comforters and cranked up the heat and closed the blinds and slept. It was some of the best sleep ever. Should probably stop blogging about good sleep or will be forever considered weird. :) 

When we finally woke up we showered and got ready for a day exploring "The Golden Circle".. it was so fun to dress Beau up in his sweet rain jacket that my college roomie got me when he was born! The Golden Circle is a circular route from Reykjavik that takes you to some beautiful, natural landmarks. If you're headed to Iceland, google it! Bus tours do it but we rented a car to drive it ourselves which was essential! 

After a little bit of driving we just wanted to stop and get out and enjoy. I have never seen such beauty, and it truly could not be photographed. I remember feeling like this in Switzerland, too! 

It was REALLY windy and I wondered if I hadn't packed warm enough! 

Beau is literally buried in that blanket haha! 

This stop also held our first look at some Icelandic ponies! There were only two and I knew we'd see more later, but they are so beautiful!

Back in the car for our next stop!

We stopped at the place where the European and North American tectonic plates meet. It made me think of the scene from A Walk to Remember where they were "in two places at once" and that made me so happy! It was such a fun and beautiful area. There was also a ton of government history that took place here.

This stop was one of the reasons you should do trip research! I read about this local farm on a blog.. you could stop and eat at their restaurant and get ice cream. Everything is made there. The name is below but all Icelandic seems like total gibberish to English speakers. :) 

You sat and overlooked the cows below! The burgers we got were INCREDIBLE. They had a few "wild ones" like a skyr burger and a peanut butter and jelly burger, but we got more traditional ones and they were amazing too. Yum! 

Thumb sucking boy loved it too! They had IKEA highchairs at a lot of places in Iceland which was really nice. 

Right across the street from the farm was a large group of beautiful ponies. I was afraid to get too close with Beau for some reason... AND THEN MAMA INTUITION PLAYED OUT!!

This is actually a photo of a horse BITING MY ELBOW. Yes! It hurt so bad! It really took us by surprise too. They were so nice and so gorgeous but after that I kept my distance! Ben wasn't scared though haha. 

Next stop.. geysers!!! 

The two shots above are screenshots from the video I took. This was such an incredibly cool thing to experience. Like nothing else I've ever experienced! This area had a lot more tourists and the sun had really come out and we were ready to get back to more remote areas!

With my boy at the beautiful waterfall!

Again.. such a unique and beautiful place! As you can see, there were rainbows everywhere. By this point we were ready to get back to our room and let Beau rest and rest ourselves! We had slept but not enough and we were ready for a take out pizza from the restaurant below our hotel and cozying up in our room for an early bedtime! :) 

Breaking up this part of the trip because it's so photo heavy! Part two coming later this week! :) 


  1. Iceland is number 1 on my bucket list! It looks like another planet in some ways.
    Can't wait to see part 2!

  2. Iceland is on my bucket list and I LOVED seeing your photos. They're gorgeous! Not sure I could eat a burger, though, while I'm looking at cows, lol! I just love living vicariously through your sweet family. Just beautiful!

  3. Such beautiful scenery! Wow, that rainbow!!

  4. Beautiful recap, looks like you all had an amazing time. Funny note, in the last picture on this post I thought I had a bug on my screen, but you had captured a bug in the picture. It's been a long day, thinking I may need a nap :)

  5. Oh, I've been waiting for the recap since you posted on Instagram you were in Iceland. :) Love seeing all of your pics and reading your recap of Iceland--makes me so excited to visit there one day! Icelandic horses are so beautiful but I can't believe one bit you!!


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