Iceland: Part Two

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I'm so excited to wrap up our Iceland memories! We had a leisurely morning at the hotel before heading out for "town" to go whale watching! Looking back, this wasn't a good idea for a little baby! The water was SO rough that you could barely walk and so we should have done the "puffin excursion" where they take you to go see puffins instead. Haha! 

We decided the best route would be to baby wear.. not realizing it was going to be so miserably cold and crazy that Beau would have to stay below deck at all time! 

Ben was super chill about seeing a whale and said he was good sitting with Beau so I could try and spot some! 

We did take Beau up for a bit.. but honestly just for this photo haha! Ben stayed below deck with Beau and I went up to brave the cold to see a whale! I chose a spot and committed.. and sure enough I ended up being the person closest to several sightings.. I'm talking giant whales probably 30 feet from me. It was amazing! I soaked it in and went to go tag in Ben for him to go see... and uh oh! He was EXTREMELY sea sick and was like "take Beau I can't do this!" haha. So he spent the rest of the time trying to calm down. They had medicine available on board but he didn't want any.. so Beau and I snuggled and took some selfies! 

Once off the boat Ben was doing much better.. so we set out to explore Reykjavik and get some lunch! 

I had heard great things about Kopar, and we decided to eat there even though we probably could have found some more laid back, Beau friendly places. Pictured above is their bread with licorice butter.. surprisingly delicious! 

We got seafood soups and sweet potato fries and raspberry cheesecake. The raspberry cheesecake was a little blob and the best thing I've ever tasted in my life. It was sprinkled with a fancy, better tasting powdered sugar and I was in heaven. 

Random side of the road flower photo that looks like Icelandic bluebonnets that I'm not sure how it made its way in here. 

We then went to the concert hall and checked out the beauty of this unique building. 

After our morning of adventures we went back to our room to let Beau get a good nap. Then we had plans to drive to a few more sights but ultimately just went for a nice drive, got dinner, and packed up our things for our flight out the next morning. 

Iceland really was one of the most amazing places we've been to.. so incredibly unique. We loved every bit of it! Our last big trip as a family of three. :) 

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