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Monday, October 30, 2017

We shared some exciting news on social media over the weekend...

We are expecting our second precious little one this Spring! Just three days before Beau's second birthday. We are so grateful and excited. With both my other pregnancies (with Beau, and our loss) it felt so REAL. I felt so pregnant. But this one has felt incredibly surreal. I don't know if it's because I already have a baby in my arms or what, but it's been crazy!

I have lots to address today... but first I want to acknowledge that many people saw this coming because of my absence on the blog in September. Y'all. That month kicked my tail. I took a positive pregnancy test on September 1 and everything spiraled from there, haha. Everything I shared previously about Beau having a half dozen trips to the pediatrician, and me catching his stomach bug, was true. I had a stomach bug on top of already having morning sickness. Whoowee. Praise the Lord Ben didn't get sick that weekend. He was literally going back and forth between wife and baby throwing up. Caring for a sick child while feeling like I couldn't care for myself was incredibly hard. My mother in law did tons of our laundry and grocery shopping and one night my father in law stayed with me "just in case Beau woke up" so I could rest while Ben was at home group and she was watching my nephew. We truly couldn't have done it without the support of family and friends. I loved sharing our pregnancy journey with Beau on #SweetBabyStrader and this time I'll use #AnotherTinyStrader

I'm going to answer the FAQ I've received about the pregnancy so far! :)

What is your due date? 
May 8, 2018

What made you decide you were ready for another baby? Or a baby in general? 
I was so surprised at how many people asked this question! It's just such a personal one. We have always known that we wanted children close together in age. Ben always says he wants to "capitalize on our youth" but we also know that you don't get to choose when you have a baby, that God's plans will always be greater than our own. It was a secret little hope of mine to have kids less than two years apart (some may think thats nuts.. but that's my heart!) and we're going to squeeze in right under that "deadline" :) As for being ready, I might be a loon but to a certain extent I don't think you're ever going to go into it feeling 1000% confident and prepared. When we were expecting Beau, we had wanted to be parents so incredibly bad for so long before, and there were still moments I was like "WHAT am I doing??!!!!" So ultimately I think that to a certain extent you need to talk with your spouse and make an educated decision, but know that the journey will be unexpected in some ways. I don't think that I fully wrap my head around what it's going to be like to get two babies in and out of the car, for example. But moms have gone before me and figured it out and I will too. :)

How are you feeling? 
It's hard for me to answer this not comparing everything to my pregnancy with Beau, haha! I have for sure had nausea and vomiting, but not near as much vomiting as with Beau. It's been much more manageable this time around, with the exception of a few moments that were particularly rough. This might be skewed information because this time I can't nap whenever I want, but I've been a lot more tired. Last week when I hit 12 weeks I suddenly started seeing a light though, and I kind of think that I might be able to feel better after first trimester which is a MIRACLE because with Beau I was still sick on occasion up until my third trimester. If I'm about to be done I feel like I will have almost gotten off completely scott free. Haha!!

How are you feeling emotionally? 
I will be honest and say there have been times I look at Beau and it seems impossible that my heart will be stretching to care for two little ones.. but I know it will! Beau is just my whole world right now so thinking of that changing has a few sad moments...but it will be so good!  There is so much goodness in that! Beau's life will ultimately be richer with a sibling and I can't wait to see our hearts all grow to make room for one more. :)

Are you finding out the gender? When will you know the gender? Do you have a gut feeling? 
We are finding out the gender and I might be wrong but I feel like we'll probably always find out. :) We'll actually know in just a few weeks, as we opted to do blood work this time around. The plan is for me to get the call or email at whatever point (the week after next I think!) and then when Ben gets home from work I'll reveal it to him, and then we'll share with friends and family, and then with everyone!

I'm bad with gut feelings, haha! I almost want to share more of this once we actually know. I will note that I immediately felt like Beau was a boy once I was pregnant, then wives tales made me stray to thinking he was a girl and then being surprised at the ultrasound. Haha!

Do you have any goals for Beau to meet before the new baby arrives? 
Nope! Haha. Beau's development and growth is something I'll focus on independently of the new baby.. although we do plan on transitioning him into a "big boy bed" before the new baby because I want to use the same crib. He's not at all ready for that so we'll get the railings and literally just create a giant crib but at least we're not buying two cribs, haha! We'll focus on that sometime in between the holidays and the new baby's arrival.. not right before, so he's sort of used to his new routine.

Will you share the name before the baby is born? 
I'm kind of undecided on this. Last time it was fun to make the "big reveal" once Beau was born but also sometimes I feel like this is a lot of build up and then no matter what the name is it's like "oh okay then" haha!! Not always, but sometimes. Right now we feel like choosing a second baby name is so hard.. will anything be as great of a fit for our family as Beau William? Maybe I should take suggestions... seriously though haha!!

Thank y'all for sharing in this joy with us! :) 


  1. Congratulations!! Big Brother Beau, how perfect! Hope you start feeling better soon. Mom-ing and being sick is no fun at all!

  2. Congratulations!! This is beautiful and wonderful news! What a lovely blessing from the Lord!!
    Rebecca :)

  3. I have an 18 month age gap between my two, you are completely right and that you just find a way! Yes it is hard at times, but they do life together too. We have a boy and a girl and honestly my biggest wish for them is to find friendship in each other, I think the closer age gap means they will be in similar phases a lot of their lives.
    Congratulations and absolutely best wishes xx

  4. Congratulations! May birthdays are great ones, as you know! ;) Two babies is definitely a hard thing at first (or at least it was for us), but now that Knox is 17 months and Walker's 3.5 years, it's gotten so much FUN and the boys just adore playing with each other and interacting with each other. Can't wait to hear if the newest Strader is a boy or a girl, as well as hear the name!

  5. YAY!! I was so, so excited to see this pop up on your IG this past weekend! Such a fun time for your family!

  6. Congratulations!! I was so thrilled to see your announcement over the weekend. I can't wait to follow along with your pregnancy.

  7. Congratulations!! Such exciting news!!

  8. I literally threw my arms up in the air when I saw your baby announcement! I am so excited for your family! I was however taken aback by your sibling comment. I think everybody’s experience with family dynamic is personal and unique so I certainly can’t comment on your own family’s journey but I am a happy, healthy and one of the least self centered only children I know. I’m not without my own weaknesses for sure but I think great parenting, community and culture can help shape a person no matter what the family is made up of. All that aside (because I don’t want my comment to overshadow the best thing about all of this) - I am exceptionally excited for your growing and beautiful family!

  9. So excited for your family! I can't wait to follow you during this journey :)

  10. I'm so excited for you, girlie... and I just LOVE that dress you wore in the announcement. It's absolutely perfection on you!


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