Friday No. 72

Friday, November 17, 2017

No. 1 
I snapped this blurry, flash photo the other night when we were walking to the car.. look at how much fun our boy has with his daddy. These two melt me!

No. 2
I found this recipe on the Sequins & Stripes blog (I've been LOVING her lately) and I'm dying to try it.. Skinny Chicken Pot Pie! Perfect for this time of year, too!

No. 3 
I loved this video SO much and it got me really in the Christmas spirit. I'm so excited to do a few new things with our Christmas tree, and I'm now really inspired to go to At Home and Home Goods! :)

No. 4
Some of our good friends are Korean, and my friend's mom is in town so she hosted a bunch of us for a Korean feast. It was so fun to have the opportunity to try so many different new things and experience a totally different cultural cuisine. We all loved it so much! 

No. 5
Beau and I got the treat of having lunch with my friend Sarah Hunt yesterday... It was so fun to get to enjoy girl talk with this Florida friend, and especially precious to see her loving on my boy!

No. 6
These from Trader Joes have been a major problem lately!! I'm usually not a dark chocolate girl, but something about the dark taste with a more whipped peanut butter than a normal peanut butter cup.. YUM! If you're thinking that these are no big deal just a peanut butter cup I would encourage trying them.. so delicious!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Oh man, I was just at Trader Joe's on Wednesday and wish I had known about those delicious treats when I was there! (Or maybe I don't... ;) ) Happy Friday!

  2. That chicken pot pie looks delicious! So Perfect for this time of year!

  3. I just pinned that chicken pot pie recipe to make next week! Yum!

  4. Those peanut butter cups are MY FAVORITE!

  5. Uh yes, those peanut butter cups are DELICIOUS!

  6. Ah I loooove Alex and Michael's vlogs! They always brighten my day and how creative was it to use those feather dusters as a faux fur garland in the tree??


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