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Thursday, November 16, 2017

This widget belowshows a bunch of things that I think would make great gifts at different price points, including a very expensive sweater that I think is adorable and is actually 20% off right now! But I also wanted to break it down a little further and isolate a few gifts that I have received or would love to receive.

First is what my sister in law got me last year- a two year subscription to The Magnolia Journal. If you haven't picked up a copy I would highly, highly recommend. Its fun to read but also always has a lot more depth to it than a normal magazine would, in my opinion. I love getting one in the mail quarterly and just logged on to check when I need to renew and was so pleasantly surprised that I have another year. They even have a little thing you can download and print and give, which my sister in law did.

This necklace from Anthropologie has a sweet twist to it, it's available in birthstones. I think it would be extra sweet to gift to a new mama for the month of her baby's birthday, or you could even do an anniversary month. 

My friend Chandra of C. Jayne Teach is about to release her Holiday collection, and there are amazing things for mama and child! Check out the catalog here.

I feel like all I do lately is talk about Women's gifts, so I'll include a few more links here. I recently put together a wishlist for my friend Sarah, and coming up in the next few weeks I'll have my Christmas Wishlist, as well as a Want, Need, Wear, Read wishlist too!


  1. We have some of the same things on our list...obviously we're bff ha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. those scalloped booties are on mine! I keep opening the link every other week! haha


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